Experts Give Tips to Success

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Giving advice they wish someone had given them…

Five professionals gave the following advice to college students and those starting their careers.

Follow the (Right) Leader:

“Avoid letting others’ expectations overly influence your choices. Parents, friends, and significant others may not fully grasp the career path you envision for yourself. Use someone within your desired field who understands and shares your vision as a model.” -David Russell, Ph.D.

Don’t Go it Alone:

“Seek out mentors and colleagues who will support you on your journey–and learn from them. We each have to forge our own path, but finding a way is easier if we can benefit from others’ experiences.” -Eileen Kennedy-Moore, Ph.D.

Brainwriting vs. Brainstorming

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In certain courses, students are often asked to form groups to “brainstorm”–is it productive?

Whether a group session is productive, or not, can heavily depend on the individuals in the group itself. If what transpires is a group free-for-all: personality clashes, control freaks try to take over, bruised egos left in the wake–it’s been a total waste of time. One study, by Peter Heslin, a business professor at Southern Methodist University and author of the study, believes “brainwriting” might be the better answer. Professor Heslin stated, “When you brainstorm, people have to wait a couple of minutes to allow others to talk before they can reveal their ideas…people will lose confidence and start thinking their ideas are unworthy or crazy.” He admits that brainwriting takes discipline, but the benefits are worth it.

“Give me your Facebook password”

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They’re asking for it, will you give it to them?

It’s been all over the internet: employers and prospective employers asking people to turn over the keys to their private lives. Facebook is fighting back, however that may not be enough protection for the majority of workers or job seekers hearing the request.

This issue strikes at the heart of what Americans perceive as their personal freedom–even in a very public forum like the internet. Let’s look at why an employer might ask to go behind the scenes of your life.

Resume Mistakes Will Cost You

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How many of these mistakes have you made on your resume?

As you know, the job market is tight, that’s why your resume must be perfect. Take a look at the suggestions below and check your resume for any of these errors:

  1. No Duties-Don’t write about your duties. Instead, show how your skills have helped you accomplish something measurable. Think of the person reading your resume–what would impress them about what you’ve done?
  2. Current Only-Stick to recent accomplishments and responsibilities. The most recent position should have the most bullet points, past jobs very few.

Success: A First Victory Transforms

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Tell yourself, “I’ve done this before, I can do it again.”

In an article by Jay Dixit, “Heartbreak and Home Runs: the Power of First Experiences”, Psychology Today, the writer explores our earliest successes, dissecting how they impact our entire lives. What he found could help college students and workers experience confidence, and future success, though remembering previous successes.

Students of Invention

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While undergrads, these students brainstormed a way to light darkened homes.

As Harvard undergrads, Jessica O. Matthews, Julia Silverman and two classmates created an energy-harvesting soccer ball, one that has the ability to power up to three hours of LED light. Confronting global power issues, their invention–sOccket–enables 25% of the worlds children who don’t have access to electricity, to obtain it simply by playing a game they love, soccer. 

Work-Life Balance

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Women, as well as men, fall victim to stress at the office…

You’re never too young to start thinking about stress and how it can damage your body. Data from the Women’s Health Study, which was sponsored by the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, found women who reported high job strain–doing demanding work with little or no decision making authority or the use of creativity and skills–increased their risk of cardiovascular disease by 40%. They also had an 88% increase in heart attacks.

How should women (and men) manage stress, since there’s no escaping it?

The Importance of Volunteer Work

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Volunteer to increase your chances of being hired.

Volunteer work isn’t just something you do to look good on a resume. Thousands of people have turned their volunteer experience into a life-changing experience for themselves–and those they’ve helped. And if you’re a college student or grad, it’s a must-have on your resume to show you’ve taken the initiative to gain experience and skills.

What’s Your Answer to the Question?

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“What Should I Do With My Life?”

In the bestselling book by Po Bronson, What Should I Do With My Life?, the author takes his readers on an interesting journey to answer the book title’s question. He does this by imbedding himself in the lives of several people across the U.S. who, in one form or another, answered the elusive question posed. Some planned for a shift, while others stumbled into a new way of being and seem happier than those who planned. No matter how they got there, the point is, they eventually got there.

Need Confidence?

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 Fake it until you acquire it!

“Do a consistent job of pretending you feel capable and charismatic and you’ll convince everyone, even yourself, that you’ve got things under control,” states Jason Selk, Ed.D., director of mental training for the 2011 World Series–winning St. Louis Cardinals and author of Executive Toughness.

Confidence (being self-assured) is valued in our American culture. Without it, you’ll find succeeding in college, career, and other aspects of life difficult. 

Below are simple tips to help you gain greater confidence at school, during an interview, and at work.