Need Confidence?

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 Fake it until you acquire it!

“Do a consistent job of pretending you feel capable and charismatic and you’ll convince everyone, even yourself, that you’ve got things under control,” states Jason Selk, Ed.D., director of mental training for the 2011 World Series–winning St. Louis Cardinals and author of Executive Toughness.

Confidence (being self-assured) is valued in our American culture. Without it, you’ll find succeeding in college, career, and other aspects of life difficult. 

Below are simple tips to help you gain greater confidence at school, during an interview, and at work.

Interviews-Listen to what mom said, “sit up straight!” How we carry ourselves says a great deal about our confidence. A study from The Ohio State University in Columbus indicates, if you sit up straight the moment you sit down in their waiting room, before the interview, you’ll believe in yourself more than if you slump.

Negotiations-Nodding your head–as if in agreement with yourself about the point you’re making–others will mimic your movements, coaxing them into your corner, the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology showed. Whether a debater in college, or in a meeting with clients, it works.

Presentations-Nerves can get the best of us in front of the classroom, or presenting to clients. Colgate University found if you “talk with your hands” you’ll cement words in your mind. Practicing a presentation, use your hands in a comfortable, natural way. Repeat those same gestures when giving the presentation, that assists in remembering what you want to say, appearing poised.

Calm those nerves, stop the knees from knocking! Envision yourself succeeding in whatever is ahead.

*Some information from 5 Instant Confidence Tricks, by Danielle Braff,


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