Students of Invention

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While undergrads, these students brainstormed a way to light darkened homes.

As Harvard undergrads, Jessica O. Matthews, Julia Silverman and two classmates created an energy-harvesting soccer ball, one that has the ability to power up to three hours of LED light. Confronting global power issues, their invention–sOccket–enables 25% of the worlds children who don’t have access to electricity, to obtain it simply by playing a game they love, soccer. 

The students created a soccer ball that uses technology similar to a self-winding watch. When the special soccer ball rolls during play, the mechanism inside rolls with it, harnessing the energy and storing it in a battery. The ball has the power to light a reading lamp for the child to do their homework.

Children in developing countries often read and study under toxic diesel-generated street lamps. But the sOccket ball allows them to be in the comfort and safety of their own homes to do the same activities.

To date, there are over 3,500 sOcket balls in use, and making an impact, across the globe. For more information, go to sOccket.

Have you brainstormed with fellow classmates? What ideas did you formulate to make life better for others? Your idea could someday light the world.


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