Get Noticed!

Posted by Judy Anne Cavey on Apr 4, 2012 in , , | No Comments


If you want positive results in your job search, first you have to get their attention…

A writer at The Washington Post, wanted to test peoples perception. He asked a world renowned violinist to perform–incognito–in a D.C. busy train station one morning as thousands of commuters rushed by.

Only a few actually stopped to listen, but no one recognized him or his exceptional talent and his $3.5 million Stradivarius. At the end of his 45 minute free concert, he made only $32. The talented violinist was Joshua Bell, who had played to a sold-out concert just two days before at $100 per seat!

How is it possible so many people could pass up, or not recognize, such a gifted person? It happens every day to millions of job seekers. Either their resumes don’t adequately convey their talents, or in an interview, they fail to sell themselves and what they can do.

Are you being passed up by employers who don’t see your potential? Today, have someone review your resume, cover letters, professional clothes, and how you present yourself in interviews. Visit your campus Career Center, they’ll take the time to do all of the above.

Don’t let another person pass you by–get the job!

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