Take to the Interview

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Uncertain about what you should carry to an interview?

Below are important items:

1.) Resumes-Carry extra copies. This is in case you are put before a panel of interviewers and someone hasn’t been provided a copy. It also shows you’re prepared for anything.

2.) Letters of Recommendation-Carry letters that are relevant to the job for which you are interviewing. Present them if requested, never include with an application, or cover letter and resume, unless asked. It’s a good idea to call the people who wrote the letters ahead of time, let them know you have an interview. This gives them a heads-up someone might be calling about you.

3.) Questions-Always have a list of questions for the interviewer(s). After you’ve researched the company, you’re bound to wonder about specifics of the job, company culture, and person who you’ll be working for once hired. Examples: ask who you’ll report directly to, reference certain elements of the job that are unclear–get clarification–use questions to show you’ve done your homework on their company. Never ask about salary or vacation time in your first interview! Put questions neatly on a piece of paper, don’t have them on your Smartphone! [Reminder: turn off the phone before you leave your car to go into the interview].

4.) Paper & Pens-Bring along a pad of paper and pens to take notes while the interviewer(s) answer your questions. Abbreviated notes are best, this way you aren’t spending a great deal of time writing.

5.) Thank You Note-You must send a thank you note immediately after the interview. This may be handwritten on a tasteful thank you card and mailed that day. Some people ask about sending e-mails. Personally, I feel an e-mail is not always the best idea unless the interviewer has no problem with it.



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