Internet Job Search Effectiveness

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Use the internet to your advantage!

  1. First, always be cautious. Anyone can pose as an employer or company to collect personal information. Never believe sites which promise you’ll find a job with them immediately and charge high fees. Never put your Social Security number online unless it’s a government site. Even so, those government sites have been hacked.
  2. The larger search engines offer links to recommended career sites, such as MSN.
  3. Using employer’s sites is very helpful. Again, you’ll want to verify it’s actually their site before proceeding. You can access job openings and staff to answer questions, along with background information about the company useful in an interview.
  4. Professional organizations (in the industry of your interest) post job related information online. Specifically seek out those with an established track record.
  5. Considering relocation? I’ve posted helpful information on this blog about what to do when considering relocating for a job. It’s not something to do on the spur of the moment–do a great deal of research before you pack up. If relocation is the goal, limiting a job search to a specific area can be done easily with many internet databases. 
  6. Be industry specific in your search. Being focused is extremely important. While it’s helpful to be open minded, getting too far off course will waste time.
  7. As stated in other posts, be aware that many jobs posted on the internet have thousands of other job seekers viewing them. That doesn’t mean you should pass them up, it only means know that applying, and then waiting for an employer to call, isn’t the best use of your time. You must be proactive with networking–both online and in person–that has been proven to be the best way to land an interview.


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