Why Send a Thank You?

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After an interview, it’s imperative to send a thank you note, here’s why…

  • First of all, it creates a good first impression by showing you have manners.
  • It demonstrates to the employer you have great follow-up skills, often necessary in many jobs.
  • If they’ve lost your resume, this gives you another chance to interact with them.
  • You have the opportunity to remind them you want the job, are qualified for it, and are their best candidate.
  • Send the note (either thank you card, letter or e-mail) within 24 hours after your interview. Of course, decide if time is of the essence. If they’re making a decision the next day, send an e-mail, not snail mail, which will take days.
  • Only use quality cards or stationary for your thank you’s.

Keep the note short and friendly–not sounding like a form letter–but also reminding them of your value. Tailor it to fit that particular interviewer by including their full name using Mr. or Ms. Write the note on your computer, no longer are thank you notes handwritten, unless you know the person. Sign your full name and include your phone number and/or e-mail address. Always make it neat and grammatically correct.

Thank yous are also important when you’re job searching. Whenever someone has done anything to help you out, always thank them. In doing so, you’ll impress upon them your appreciation for their efforts and they’ll be willing to do it again in the future.

Sample Note:

May 7, 2012

Dear Ms. Smith,

I am grateful you took the time on Friday to interview me regarding the junior accountant position.

With the right person, the firm could service the clientele targeted for the coming year. I believe I am that person. My internship with A-Z Accounting provided me with valuable experience, and feedback from my mentor, which will enable me to prove very quickly that I offer great value to your firm and your clients.

As you requested, I am attaching a list of my professional references. I will follow up with you on May 10 to see if you have any questions.


John Q. Grad





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