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If you’re one of millions of job seekers unable to find employment…

You might want to think about switching gears. Today, I read a dismal report about the U.S. economy (written by people who know what’s happening). One person, Yale economics professor Robert Shiller, a prominent housing economist and creator of S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price Index, stated the housing market might not begin any major recovery for literally decades. This is very bad news for all of us, even if we aren’t homeowners.

The report also looked at events in Europe. You can’t understand the whole picture of the U.S. until you also take into consideration the global economy–we’re that connected. It’s pretty dismal over there too. High unemployment, debt crisis, turnover in government officials, and other concerns have people across the pond worried. With all of this turmoil not being resolved in Europe, it will eventually spill over onto our shores.

What can you do? Be realistic. If you’re doing all the right things and your job search has turned up nothing, (or very little), it’s time for drastic measures if you have to eat and pay bills.

Be an Independent

Notice, I didn’t use the word “entrepreneur” or “self-employed”–that seems to scare some people–but not your generation. Still, I wanted to get across the crux of these two terms and that is being independent. In this case, you are your own boss no matter what…and that “what” can be stellar success, moping mediocrity, or flat out failure. Here’s the good news: even in flat out failure there are benefits, because you’ve learned something from the experience–and so it goes with moping mediocrity and stellar success.

If somewhere in your lifetime you have been taught that in order to get ahead, you serve time in a cubicle, you’ll buck the independence idea. Try to be open minded about working for yourself.

No IPO’s

Before I explain ideas for businesses that are quick to start, require little money upfront, and don’t need an MBA, let me say one thing about these examples–the likelihood of someday ringing the bell at the NASDAQ (wearing a hoodie) are rather slim. And that’s okay. Success shouldn’t be thought of in terms of how much money you have in the bank, or the frequency your face and name appears in the news.

Below I’ve listed a few jobs you can begin thinking about as a way to create an income now. No, they might not be your dream job, but eventually, it’s possible you could turn them into being one.

1.) Virtual Assistant-Make from $45-55 a day in this position you create for yourself via Tasks range from online research to data entry. This type of job offers a great deal of flexibility because you can work from any location.

2) Tutor-You don’t have to be an education major, or a certified/credentialed teacher. Pay can be $10-15 per hour, depending on the subject taught (math and science being in demand). If your major is in math or science and you’ve maintained a high GPA, it could be a good way to make extra money. Meeting clients at their home, in the library, or other quiet locations is preferable. There are options to tutor online, but those most often require a degree.

3) Calligrapher-If you’re an art major, or have done calligraphy as a hobby, this might be for you. Weddings and other special events need hand lettered invitations, place cards or announcements. During a busy summer season, you could earn as much as $2,500 per month. Not sure it’s for you? See an instructional video on YouTube, or check out books at the library on calligraphy.

4) Dog Walker-Animal lovers can make money taking care of someone’s pet and get exercise all at the same time with this job! In large cities some dog walkers have built up an impressive list of clientele which affords them a handsome income. On average though, you could easily pick up $30 dollars a day walking three dogs. Add to that service pet sitting, for clients going on vacation, and it’s another $10-20 per day in your pocket.

Do you have other ideas to make easy money? Send them to me and I’ll put them in my next blog.


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