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If you currently don’t have a presence on all of these three sites, it could hurt you.

You’ve heard it from me and many others about the importance of having a positive online presence. But now I’ll tell you that you must have a presence on all three: Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Why? Those are the three places employers look for you.

If you make the mistake of being fearful and ill informed, you might assume you shouldn’t go on Twitter or Facebook just to be safe. The idea is to go on, but approach it intelligently. What do I mean by that? Simply this: watch your language, temper and who you associate with while there. Part of being a mature adult is using your grown-up “filter” by monitoring your own actions.

Being online is a lot easier than dealing with people in person. You have the option to ignore them, not to hit “send” if you write something, clean up what you wrote, then release it to the world. Personally, if I had a dollar for everything I’ve edited before shipping it out into cyberspace, I’d be a billionaire! Sure, it’s not easy dealing with some of the brainless wonders out there, many of whom are cowards hiding behind a fake picture and name. But deal with them you must–in a mature, responsible way. If you don’t, they won’t look bad, you will.

Keep in mind 10% of the people you meet probably don’t like you. It’s not you, it’s them. No matter what you do, they still won’t like you, so don’t try to please them. When they come after you online, deal with them in the best way possible. Know rules of behavior on the sites you visit. If people cross that line, report them immediately. Never put up with bullying.

You’ll also meet some great people too, value them, build those relationships. Network with those curious about, or already working in, the industry which interests you. These people may be helpful when job seeking.

Having a professional online presence on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn is (unfortunately) a necessity today. Make the most of it for your career.

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