Innovator: R U 1?

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Innovators see a better way to do something–creating an income for themselves–and others.

Look around you, what do you see that could be done or designed differently to be more efficient, effective and profitable? This is what many innovators will do. In turn, they open up new areas for others and that’s innovation., recently featured 10 female innovators in a series highlighting what people are doing across the nation. They asked readers to vote for the one innovator who impresses them the most and the winner will receive $20,000! Take a moment to see what these incredible innovators have done, or are in the process of doing. Their success stories are remarkable and inspirational. has it’s own female innovator–Stephanie Bravo–our founder and president! This week, her story was featured in Fox News. Like many college students, Stephanie felt she needed guidance to make good decisions. Her mentorship experience changed her life, eventually leading to the creation of

Let these innovators inspire you to go out and find a better way to do something. In the process, you might create a job for yourself and many others!


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