Three Traits Keep You Employed

Posted by Judy Anne Cavey on Aug 8, 2012 in , | No Comments

In tough times, employees must go the extra mile to stay employed.

Below are three traits employers are looking for in employees…

Be Positive

The first trait employers recently mentioned was that the employee must have a positive attitude. This is conveyed in several ways;

1) The smile on your face speaks volumes. Sounds simple doesn’t it? It is, and yet you’d be surprised how often employees show up for work grumpy and can’t even muster up a simple “good morning” to coworkers. If this is you, consider getting more sleep, learn better ways to cope with stress and work out any issues you have that are keeping you from enjoying your life. A pleasant work environment is essential to worker productivity. Let that stage be set with your good attitude so it spreads to coworkers and makes work more enjoyable for all.

2) Being a team player is important. How well do you work with others; do you spend your time trying to climb over the backs of coworkers, or are you willing to roll up your sleeves and get busy solving problems? How much do you gossip about your coworkers or boss? Those are negative traits that will alienate you and even get you fired. Hone your people skills. Give out sincere compliments when someone does a good job, say “thank you” when someone helps you out, volunteer to pick up the slack to make life easier for everyone.

3) Contribute helpful suggestions at meetings. Be prepared to think of ways to improve either how you do your job, or save the company money and make things more efficient. Your value to your employer is tied up in what you have to offer–offer your best ideas.

4) Do your job well. It may be elementary, but many employees show up and do the minimum, expecting the maximum in return. You have a better chance to advance and receive salary increases (or not get a pink slip) if you go the extra mile. Again, this shows your employer how valuable you are to them.

Be Versatile

When you are able to expand what you can do; learn new skills and add to your value, your versatility will be recognized. Being flexible is important too. If asked to take on more work, or relocate, decide ahead of time what your best positive response will be to your employer. There are circumstances where relocation is impossible, make sure you can compensate in some other way. Taking on more work without sacrificing your sanity in the process takes organization and good coping skills.

Be Improving

Looking for ways to do your job better, keeping up on trends in your field, and taking workshops or classes to update skills, all says you are doing what you can to improve. Again, these are ways you show your employer your value. Many companies pay for educating employees, see what your employer offers and take advantage of it, you will be ensuring your future with the company.

In these tough economic times, don’t forget to be one last thing–grateful–you are employed while millions are struggling with unemployment.

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