So, You Want to be a Leader?

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There are several important qualities needed to be a good leader.

Do you have what it takes?

Let’s face it, we need good leaders! Whether in politics or business, it’s beneficial to all that leaders can be trusted to do their jobs well. Beyond that, employers look for candidates who demonstrate good leadership ability in the workplace.

According to research, most are “made”, meaning they have learned how to become a leader. You may have the ability to become a leader. But, what important ingredients are required? And what sets one leader apart from another–what makes a great leader?

Innovator: R U 1?

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Innovators see a better way to do something–creating an income for themselves–and others.

Look around you, what do you see that could be done or designed differently to be more efficient, effective and profitable? This is what many innovators will do. In turn, they open up new areas for others and that’s innovation., recently featured 10 female innovators in a series highlighting what people are doing across the nation. They asked readers to vote for the one innovator who impresses them the most and the winner will receive $20,000! Take a moment to see what these incredible innovators have done, or are in the process of doing. Their success stories are remarkable and inspirational.

Women vs. Men at Work

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In the workplace, women and men operate differently. Here are a few examples…

If you understand the differences between male and female coworkers (and understand your own behavior) time in the office won’t be confusing.

According to Yahoo! Shine and Fitness Magazine:

  • 1 in 3 women say they are “extremely” or “very” competitive.
  • Women are three times less likely than men to take credit for a coworker’s work.
  • Men most often compete over money and salary.
  • Women are competitive about their job (34%) and I.Q. (53%).

Training–Get It!

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When you get training, you get a better career future.

Once graduated from college, you’ll probably assume you’ve got all that’s needed to succeed in the workplace. Not so. A recent study found graduates have only 2% of what they need to succeed! I’ll bet that makes you wonder what you paid all of that tuition money for, right? If this study is correct, it’s time for bigger curriculum reforms at the college level. Since those reforms aren’t going to happen anytime soon, find a way to boost your value rating once you land a job. One way is to get training–either a program the company offers–or a do-it-yourself type of program. Let’s look at both.

Working With Older People

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Working for, (or with), people older than yourself requires a few basic common sense rules…

  • Respect  I put respect first for a very good reason–certain employers are complaining younger workers aren’t respecting their older coworkers and supervisors. What might respect look like? Basically, it can be an understanding that these people have “paid their dues”–they’ve put in decades of hard work–and know a great deal about their field. Next, it’s not assuming they are like your parents, or the stereotypes and generalizations you’ve probably heard about from those who haven’t done their homework. You don’t like to be stereotyped, therefore, don’t do it to your older coworkers or supervisor.

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and More

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If you currently don’t have a presence on all of these three sites, it could hurt you.

You’ve heard it from me and many others about the importance of having a positive online presence. But now I’ll tell you that you must have a presence on all three: Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Why? Those are the three places employers look for you.

Happiness, Money and Careers

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Is it true, “money doesn’t make you happy”?

To a certain extent, the answer is yes. Here’s why…

Daniel Gilbert, professor of psychology at Harvard University (specializing in the happiness quotient), suggests people test out several careers in their lifetime. He believes it’s important to do so to keep from making decisions regarding a career solely based on money. 

Need Easy Money?

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If you’re one of millions of job seekers unable to find employment…

You might want to think about switching gears. Today, I read a dismal report about the U.S. economy (written by people who know what’s happening). One person, Yale economics professor Robert Shiller, a prominent housing economist and creator of S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price Index, stated the housing market might not begin any major recovery for literally decades. This is very bad news for all of us, even if we aren’t homeowners.

Career Portfolios–Should You Have One?

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By having one, you’re providing employers with an in-depth look into your background–helping prove facts stated on your resume.

An online career portfolio can be a “show and tell” by spotlighting what you’ve done, linking to blogs, charts, videos, testimonials, articles, or work samples.

This is also a good place to mention any awards received, brag about your GPA, internship experiences, and volunteer work. Think of a career portfolio as a way to separate yourself from the masses and wow an employer. Constantly update information as you build your career. Show workshops taken, promotions, successes, added responsibilities, etc.