Be Creative! Become More Childlike

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Want to enhance your creative output? Here’s one idea…

Researchers Darya Zabelina and Michael Robinson, of North Dakota State University, wanted to test the theory of adults enhanced creativity being boosted by tapping into their childlike mind-set.

College students divided into two groups were asked to write about what they’d do if they had a day off from school. The first group wrote as their present day selves and the second group as their 7 year-old selves. “Boring” was how the first set of papers were described written as their present day adult selves, mainly writing about catching up on sleep or school work. But the second group, writing in their 7 year-old selves, produced more interesting results–focusing on playing with friends or buying the biggest lollipops they could find.

Renters, Know Your Rights!

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Opting to live off campus? Understand exactly what you’re getting into…

Being a renter has it’s disadvantages–even in this housing market. To ensure you won’t be evicted by a lender of the property you’re renting because the landlord is defaulting, or scammed by a property management company, take some simple precautionary measures:

1.) Log onto the Better Business Bureau’s site at BBB and plug in the name of the property management company to see if they have any negative reports against them. The BBB rates them, and those ratings are important. For example: one management company I found to have the worst rating–an “F”. Another had an “A-” rating, putting them in the “excellent” category.

Maintaining a Healthy Weight

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Weight gain isn’t only attributed to improper diet and lack of exercise–stress plays a big role.

College life is a hotbed for gaining extra weight. Stressful late nights studying, eating high calorie, salt-laden fast foods and drinking coffee concoctions loaded with sugary syrups and whipped cream, all wreck havoc on a body. But now there are ways to eat smarter and relieve stress.

What’s Your Food I.Q.?

Here’s a quick quiz to test your nutritional I.Q., guess which option has fewer calories. (Answers at the bottom of this blog).

1.) Burger King Tendercrisp Sandwich vs. Burger King Whopper-one has 800 calories, the other 670.

Your Brain Needs Relief

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It brought stress relief to U.S. soldiers–why not college students?

Karen Reivich, PhD, a research associate in the Positive Psychology Center and co-director of the Penn Resiliency Project, along with her staff, were contracted to develop a way to teach U.S. Army soldiers practical skills to better deal with the stresses of military service.

Below are four tips given to the soldiers, which students may incorporate into their stressful collegiate lives:

Collegiate Chemical Dependency

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When does drinking or taking illegal drugs move from “fun” to chemical dependency?

Binge drinking and illegal drugs on college campuses are as commonplace as textbooks–probably more so. But when does it move from experimentation and “having fun” to chemical dependency? Would you know if you, or your roommate or friends, were developing a serious problem?

In this blog I am not judging anyone for their decision to party by getting drunk or taking illegal drugs. Rather, I’m presenting known facts to help you decide if you, or those you know, have stepped over an invisible line.

Only the Winter Blues?

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A Japanese study found depressed men missing an important vitamin.

After studying 500 men and women, researchers discovered men with the highest levels of a key B vitamin, folate, were 50% less likely to have depression than those with the lowest levels. So, if you’re feeling down, try bumping up foods with folate in them and consider taking a high quality B vitamin complex with folate. Women in the study were found to be unaffected by low levels of folate, however, other studies show benefits of B vitamins to both sexes.

“Make A Difference Day”

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More than 3 million volunteers helped 20 million fellow Americans last Saturday.

Were you one of the volunteers?

Annual Partnership

Since 2005, USA Weekend Magazine and NBC News have joined forces to promote “Make A Difference Day”, organized by HandsOn Network, to help millions of Americans. This annual event brings together more than 3 million volunteers across America to help 20 million in need–our nations largest day of volunteering.

College Students Volunteer

More than 600 University of Delaware students helped 14 nonprofit agencies in the Newark community. In Lewiston, Idaho, students at Lewis-Clark State College painted for a YWCA “Soup Port Our Shelter” event. The Trio Club of Centralia College in Washington packaged donated coats, shoes, gloves and hats for needy families.

Paying the Ghost for a Grade

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It’s a dishonest practice with far-reaching consequences…

Diane Sawyer (World News) spotlighted a growing trend in America: college students paying someone else to write their papers.

Interviewed anonymously, a writer going by the name of “Ed” told of his business writing papers for cash. He’s had his lucrative business for 10 years, writing for doctors, lawyers, pharmacologists and others. Basically, “Ed” does research for thesis papers off of Google, he does not have degrees or training in any of these fields.

Trips Back Home

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School breaks usually mean a mass exodus takes place from college campuses.

Have you planned ahead? Here is a short list of important things to consider:

  • Discuss your expectations with your parents prior to your arrival. Hear their own expectations. Often, parents are hurt when students return and visit with friends, but don’t find time for family.
  • Deciding when, where, and with whom you’ll gather can be very helpful to all involved.
  • Don’t forget siblings in your plans. Along with parents, they can feel left out.

Join “Heifer U”

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One nonprofit offers students a great opportunity to feed the world…

Heifer International, an international development and humanitarian (non-government) organization, has interesting programs with college students in mind, known as “Heifer U”. These interactive programs are offered in different states across the country and provide students with hands-on activities to further understanding of various aspects of Heifer’s work. Workshops and conferences are provided featuring peers, Heifer staff and other content experts.