Be the Purple Squirrel

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Are you a “purple squirrel”–the candidate who possibly does not exist?

If you aren’t sure, you’ll want to read on. In U.S. News & World Report which featured the article, “How to Stand Out From the Crowd and Kick-Start Your Own Recovery”, by Liz Wolgemuth, the elusive purple squirrel was discussed.

Purple squirrels are highly specialized people, so much so, they may not exist! Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? But it’s true. Evidently, at the height of the recession, employers were seeking the impossible employee to find. Now that we are seeing a recovery of sorts taking place, non-specialized jobs are beginning to open up again. But in light of the major shift that has taken place, is the purple squirrel still being sought in a more realistic form? The short answer is, yes.

Add Value & Build Character

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When you volunteer your time in an organization, it fills their needs and those they serve.

But, it also builds character and adds value to your college application and resume.

You’ve seen it posted here on this site before and most likely elsewhere–volunteering is important! Whether you are in school, a grad, or have been out pounding the pavement seeking employment, volunteer experience on your resume or college application is a must.

Life-Long Learning Equals Success

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Statistics show that workers with a degree are more likely to stay employed and earn better wages than those without higher education. Learning (or training) should be a life-long endeavor, not just a two or four year academic commitment.

But whether you decide to pursue a higher education or not, employers expect workers to keep current in their field, this means adopting a “life-long learning” mindset. Considering the statistics, evidence gives credence to continuing your education and training in your field, which are primary stepping-stones to your financial success.

Competencies Employers Want

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Ten Basic Competencies

1.) Attitude/Optimism/Passion

2.) Building Relationships/Teamwork/Interpersonal Skills

3.) Communication (Verbal/Written)

4.) Customer Service

5.) Honesty/Ethics/Integrity

6.) Flexibility/Adaptability

7.) Independence/Self-Motivation/Initiative

8.) Problem Solving

9.) Reliability/Responsibility

10.) Time Management

There are many competencies an employer wants in an employee, the list above gives the basics. The higher up the ladder you go, the more is expected of you by your employer. Below each competency is discussed in detail.