Time for a Road Trip?

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When all else fails, it’s probably time to hit the road to explore your options.

Does this sound familiar? You have spent months trying to land an internship that was more than emptying garbage cans and fetching coffee, but came up short. You’ve networked every possible opportunity, yet leads produced nothing promising. And you applied for every job opening on the planet, but didn’t even land an interview. Now, you find yourself with a diploma, a lot of student loan debt, living at home (once again) with mom or dad. What’s next? Time for a road trip!

From Grad Student to Community Builder

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 Do you have what it takes to be an innovator extraordinaire?

A grad student was pursuing her master’s in urban planning at Columbia University when she left for South Africa. In 2007, Candy Chang was offered a fellowship in a township in Johannesburg, South Africa, to help develop new community information systems–though not as modern as one might think–they were sorely needed nevertheless.

The township Cindy set out to help had no real neighborhood-wide communication–no local radio station, telephones, computers with e-mail–which proved problematic in an emergency. Devising a simple solution, Cindy and her team installed blackboards in well-traveled public areas where locals could post news, events or jobs. It was an inexpensive, effective and easy way to solve a major problem.

Ready? It’s Job Hunt Season

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Most job hunters back off on their search from November through January–this is a big mistake.

Some wrongly assume employers won’t be hiring during the holidays. It’s a myth, they do hire year round. Just think, if most job seekers slow down during the holiday months, that means your chances to land a job goes up!

Be Prepared

Tonight, Halloween kicks off the beginning of several major holidays in a row from now until January. Take advantage of the opportunities they present, which are many, to network with people who could help you get hired.

Grads: Are You a “Boomerang Kid”?

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Thousands are heading home to mom and dad…

The economy is still in jeopardy and a percentage of grads are unable to find adequate employment. Without a job, they cannot afford housing. What to do? Move back to familiar territory–the family abode–therefore they “boomerang”.

They’re Back

The latest tally shows a whopping 85% are migrating back home and staying an average of 18 months. Many bored empty nesters are thrilled to have their offspring home. However, there are other parents now struggling to make ends meet–some unemployed–and not thrilled to have another mouth to feed again.