Say Good-Bye, Maintain Connections

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That prize summer internship (or job) is coming to an end…now what?

It went all too quickly, but hopefully you’re leaving the workplace with new skills, a list of networking contacts and a better sense of what you want to do in the future. But before you hightail it out their door, be sure to exit on a positive, professional note.

  1. Clean Up-take a few minutes to clear off the desk, or space you’ve been given, of all your personal effects. Whatever you do, never help yourself to anything that isn’t yours–including the pens in the desk!

Make the Most of Internships

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Interning gives you the opportunity to show your value!

Never think any internship is a dead end. Instead, think of it as an important beginning to your career. Taking that into consideration, what you do during an internship makes all the difference.

A study found 91% of employers want grads who have had one or more internships, but 50% of those employers haven’t yet taken on any new interns for the summer months. What does this mean? Those wanting internships will have stiff competition. In order to impress an employer, once you do land an internship, I’ve compiled helpful tips below.

Best Sites for Students and Grads

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Looking for a job or internship? Check out these sites…

They provide information and links to other sites:

Reminder: while online applications make life easier, it isn’t often effective. Thousands–if not millions–of others are applying for the same positions. Spend the majority of your time networking, both online and in person. Studies show that the majority of jobs are obtained through networking, not applying online.

Criteria for Unpaid Internships

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U.S. Dept. of Labor set criteria for unpaid internships last year.

Do you know what they are?

Due to complaints about internships for students and grads–duties from sweeping floors to wiping door handles–hardly considered valid internships, these standards are welcome relief. But will these new standards hinder those wanting experience?

The Chronicle of Higher Education has fears that the criteria set by the Department of Labor will severely limit internship opportunities. Judge for yourself…

The following six criteria are from the U.S. Department of Labor’s website:

Unpaid Internships Illegal

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Have you landed your internship position yet?

Cheer up, according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers: “…employers intend to hire 19% more graduates this year than last.” That may be the best news you’ll hear this spring. According to The Economist magazine, there are fewer entry level positions to be had in a number of industries. That’s the bad news. That’s why a number of grads are finding unpaid internships more plentiful than actual paid positions.

It’s Good for You!

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Want to improve your health?

Research from CNCS shows that people who volunteer are physically and mentally healthier than people who don’t. That’s quite a statement, isn’t it? They found that volunteers who donated at least two hours per week–or 100 hours per year–had the greatest health benefits. Volunteers have less depression, heart disease and overall better physical health. Other benefits are: being happier, having higher self-esteem, and having a sense of control over their life.

He’s Changing the World

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Would you like to join him?

Chris Hughes, co-founder of Facebook, has been spending his time working on a new project. In this recent quote, he gives a clue to what he’s been up to these days,“The more thoughtful people are about global issues, the stronger we’ll be as a community.” I couldn’t agree more, and found his interview with Charles Schwab’s, On Investing magazine to be an interesting read.

One Stop Internship Shop

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This is the third, and last in a series of posts regarding internships.

Finding an internship was once tedious, but not anymore!

In 2010, Mark Babbit (CEO) and Deb Babbit (Co-founder) of launched their useful tool for students and grads. Their site pairs interns with start-ups, nonprofits and entrepreneurship opportunities in a few easy steps. Best of all–it’s free! Employers also pay nothing to advertise intern positions, making for many ads being posted for positions nationwide.

Internships for Students and Grads

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This is the first of an extensive three part post regarding internships. The second post will appear on Wednesday, the third on Thursday.

Internship experience is an excellent way to begin your career.

Whether getting your foot in the door at your dream job, or using as a stepping stone to discovery, internships are the way to go.

What is an internship? Basically, a short-term work experience that emphasizes hands-on learning.

Internships provide context for what you have learned as a student, putting that knowledge to good use. As an intern, you apply your academic work to a professional setting. By doing this, you are free to explore certain career opportunities.


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Beginning February 9th, I will be adding another blog post every Wednesday–that’s three blogs per week!

Don’t miss the special three part blog on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday highlighting internships for college students and grads. On Thursday, the new one stop internship shop, YouTern, is discussed. See how it can assist in finding an internship best for you.

Students and grads have a greater chance of being hired into the position they desire with work experience through internships on their resume.

Be sure to catch blogs now each Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, right here on!