Get a Grade Higher

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You can get a grade higher on tests, here’s how…

In a University of Chicago study, students who jotted down their feelings about an impending test scored nearly a full grade higher than those who didn’t. That’s good news if you’re not a great test taker or become nervous before taking one.

Researchers found that expressing concerns on paper helps people to concentrate on the task at hand. The morning of a test, write your concerns about the upcoming test, get out all of your anxiety. Actually naming what’s bothering you takes it out of your head and onto a piece of paper.

Gray Matter Overload?

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Here’s help to retain more…

How can you improve your ability to remember what you’ve learned in class? Researchers at New York University used brain scans to prove relaxing while awake can assist in consolidating new memories and retrieve them better. Important memory processes happen while you’re at rest.

After a lecture take 10 minutes to let your mind wander. This allows time for your brain to run the new information around in your memory banks. Be sure you don’t get online or engage in conversations with others–but don’t much for those 10 minutes.

Boost Cognitive Performance

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Has your brain turned to jell-o?

The stress associated with being a college student often creates episodes of feeling overwhelmed. At a time when you need your brain to be working at its optimum, it can let you down. You may feel as if your brain has turned to jell-o. Here is a helpful tip to rev up the gray matter without using harmful drugs, caffeine and chemical-laden canned drinks, or that expensive cup of java.