On the Road Less Traveled

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How he lives his life is unconventional and he loves it…

Not following anyone elses’ path, Chris Guillebeau is an independent thinker who decided to find his own way in life. His mission is to visit every country in the world by his 35th birthday (so far, he’s been to 100). However, his mission goes beyond just being a wanderer in foreign lands, who doesn’t work for anyone–he does work abroad too–making a decent living. Chris has been a coffee importer, a search engine optimizer, and volunteer for a medical charity in West Africa.

Caution: Career Curves Ahead!

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The biggest myth regarding a career path is that it always resembles a ladder.

But the reality is that career paths, on average, don’t resemble a ladder. Judith Sills, Ph.D., Psychology Today, believes that careers actually can look like “…S-curves, hairpin turns, and long, flat stretches” too. She believes that it’s not what the path actually looks like in the end, but rather, “…smart steering and taking time to check out the scenery.” If you are looking for a new career or change of pace, try this free career quiz. Important advice to students and grads entering the workforce today.