Happiness, Money and Careers

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Is it true, “money doesn’t make you happy”?

To a certain extent, the answer is yes. Here’s why…

Daniel Gilbert, professor of psychology at Harvard University (specializing in the happiness quotient), suggests people test out several careers in their lifetime. He believes it’s important to do so to keep from making decisions regarding a career solely based on money. 

Best Sites for Students and Grads

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Looking for a job or internship? Check out these sites…

They provide information and links to other sites:

Reminder: while online applications make life easier, it isn’t often effective. Thousands–if not millions–of others are applying for the same positions. Spend the majority of your time networking, both online and in person. Studies show that the majority of jobs are obtained through networking, not applying online.

One Extraordinary Person

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American Katie Davis, at 18 years old, traveled to Africa in an effort to rescue children.

Imagine for a moment you decide to give up your comfortable life, plans for college, say good-bye to family and friends for the African jungle. Could you do it? What if by going there, you would change many children’s lives? One brave young woman did it all–and more.

Mother Teresa Wanna-be

“People would ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up, and I always said Mother Teresa, I guess I just loved her heart for children,” Katie Davis explained in Jessica Haberkern’s article, The Embrace of Extraordinary Love, InTouch magazine. 

Coed Diplomas Worth Less?

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Women now outnumber men in college and have progressed in the workplace.

Then why are they receiving less compensation and getting fewer higher level jobs than their male counterparts?

Early last year, a chief executive of one of the largest European banking institutions caused an uproar when he commented on appointing women to a then all male board. Basically, he said it would make it “prettier and more colorful.” If you think this sort of mindset about women in boardrooms is rare in the U.S., think again.

You Need a Career Bucket List

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Why you need more than a “general bucket list”…

People often scribble down all sorts of things on their lists: rafting down the Colorado River, skydiving, or writing a book. But, usually they don’t put together a bucket list for their career, something that’s a good idea to do while in college.

Why is having any kind of bucket list important? When we put down on paper things that matter to us, we’re acknowledging what were once only thoughts floating around in our minds are now concrete goals to reach.

Starting a New Job?

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Here are five important tips when starting a new job…

In On Investing, (Charles Schwab) you’ll find listed these helpful ideas. My comments are in brackets:

1.) Sign up for your new employer’s 401(k) or other retirement plan–especially if you haven’t been started to save for retirement. Your are never too young to begin! Contribute at least enough to receive any employer match. [Do take the time to investigate how the plan is handled, also be sure to get full disclosure where the money is invested. Never have all of your retirement money tied up in your company's stock. Don't wait to begin saving for retirement. If you don't have any retirement offered at work, check into setting up either a Traditional or Roth IRA. Contact a broker like Charles Schwab for more information.]

Should You Relocate for a Job?

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Before you call the movers, there are many factors to take into consideration when relocating for a job opportunity.

Moving within your own state is costly and traumatic enough, but when you’re looking beyond the state line, even more needs to be weighed carefully.

Here are a few important items to think about before you make a move, the key is proper planning:

1.) Is the unemployment rate where you are now higher or lower than the area you are exploring? If it’s lower where you live, think twice about relocation. Be very cautious about figures. For example, the state unemployment rate might be much less than the county you are researching.

Online Assessment and Video

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Assessments and videos are extremely helpful if you are undecided as to what field to pursue, or unemployed.

Two sites I suggest are, Literacyworks and The Good Work Project. When you enter the Literacyworks site, click “Multiple Intelligences” to find the Multiple Intelligences Assessment, written by Professor Howard Gardner, Developmental Psychologist. It may help you discover hidden work abilities, preferences, and interests that can be applied to certain fields. Additionally, job seekers who have become discouraged can use the information to strike out on a fresh path.

Green Industry Engineers Wanted

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Undecided about your major and future career?

Consider going green.

In The Economist, Oliver Morton sites the world has a shortage of “green engineers.” Morton states, “The commitments already made by some large economies require an extremely large capacity to get new energy systems in place quickly. That includes making sure that there are the people around to design and build them.”

Why the shortage of people? Very few Western countries are producing engineers. But without strong government funding of research on the table, Morton believes that won’t help to captivate students to enter this field. However, the future job opportunities might entice them. With the solar and wind industries beginning to benefit from government programs, those industries will be competing for engineers and designers.

Was that Major Your Choice?

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It seems like a simple question, but the answer may be complicated.

A large number of people go through life living what they think they want, often finding what they are doing is not really what they want. Society’s standards, parental hopes, peer pressure–even the media–can push and prod us into a college major, career field, or lifestyle we later discover is not what we would have chosen had we taken the time to ask “What do I really want?”

“Modern man lives under the illusion that he knows what he wants, while he actually wants what he is supposed to want.”–Eric Fromm [This statement also applies to women!]