Talent is Not Enough

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Why is it that many talented people never reach their full potential?

Talent gives an advantage that lasts a short time. In order to grow to your full potential, there are necessary steps that should be considered.

Dr. John C. Maxwell, speaker, author and founder of several leadership organizations who communicates his principles to Fortune 500 companies, international marketing organizations and professional sports groups, suggests: “Too many talented people who start with an advantage over others lose that advantage because they rest on their talent instead of raising it.” Basically, talent alone doesn’t keep a person at the top, we’ve seen this countless times in the workplace.

Experts Give Tips to Success

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Giving advice they wish someone had given them…

Five professionals gave the following advice to college students and those starting their careers.

Follow the (Right) Leader:

“Avoid letting others’ expectations overly influence your choices. Parents, friends, and significant others may not fully grasp the career path you envision for yourself. Use someone within your desired field who understands and shares your vision as a model.” -David Russell, Ph.D.

Don’t Go it Alone:

“Seek out mentors and colleagues who will support you on your journey–and learn from them. We each have to forge our own path, but finding a way is easier if we can benefit from others’ experiences.” -Eileen Kennedy-Moore, Ph.D.

Who Are You?

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There are two people struggling inside…

Not long ago, you left home–a place where someone probably provided food, shelter and a place to sleep on a daily basis. Now, you’re on your own, making a big transition. It would be an understatement to say it’s a stressful time–but also an exciting time too.