One Trillion Dollars: U.S. Student Debt

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Who’s to blame for this? It’s a combination of several factors.

This is a complex problem facing college students, grads, dropouts and anyone who consigned for a student on a loan. But it also is a growing issue for the American people, in general, because several experts are citing it’s the next “bubble” for the U.S. And since we are wallowing in the aftermath of the last burst bubble–subprime mortgage loans–we can’t afford to have this latest bubble burst.

FinAid, a great site for college financial aid information, recently set up a clock for your viewing pleasure. Simply log on to StudentLoanDebtClock to see the current loan debt tick by, it includes federal and private student loans.

Is College Worth the Cost?

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With college costs skyrocketing, many students (and their parents) are asking whether it’s worth the cost.

For most people, it appears college is a good choice. I’ve seen evidence showing earnings of college grads far out pace those with only a high school diploma. Those with advanced degrees usually make more than all of the above. Projections show there will be a demand for educated workers. However, the game changer was the recession, leaving many grads out in the cold and those still in school wondering what to do upon graduation.

Is college still the answer to a bright future as it once was?