It’s That Time of Year…Again

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When school starts, changes of all kind take place.

Many college students are packing up the most treasured items they own, preparing for a long, or short tip to college. Excitement, worry–a million feelings are swirling around in their minds–butterflies in their stomachs. It’s a time of great change, not only for the students, but for their families and friends.

New Beginnings

I’ve always liked this time of year–both as a student myself–and later as a teacher. The change of season from Summer to Fall, familiar faces, a rushed pace. Everyone feels the new beginnings taking place.

Brainwriting vs. Brainstorming

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In certain courses, students are often asked to form groups to “brainstorm”–is it productive?

Whether a group session is productive, or not, can heavily depend on the individuals in the group itself. If what transpires is a group free-for-all: personality clashes, control freaks try to take over, bruised egos left in the wake–it’s been a total waste of time. One study, by Peter Heslin, a business professor at Southern Methodist University and author of the study, believes “brainwriting” might be the better answer. Professor Heslin stated, “When you brainstorm, people have to wait a couple of minutes to allow others to talk before they can reveal their ideas…people will lose confidence and start thinking their ideas are unworthy or crazy.” He admits that brainwriting takes discipline, but the benefits are worth it.

Success: A First Victory Transforms

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Tell yourself, “I’ve done this before, I can do it again.”

In an article by Jay Dixit, “Heartbreak and Home Runs: the Power of First Experiences”, Psychology Today, the writer explores our earliest successes, dissecting how they impact our entire lives. What he found could help college students and workers experience confidence, and future success, though remembering previous successes.

Students of Invention

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While undergrads, these students brainstormed a way to light darkened homes.

As Harvard undergrads, Jessica O. Matthews, Julia Silverman and two classmates created an energy-harvesting soccer ball, one that has the ability to power up to three hours of LED light. Confronting global power issues, their invention–sOccket–enables 25% of the worlds children who don’t have access to electricity, to obtain it simply by playing a game they love, soccer. 

Multitasker Brain?

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The ability to multitask is often worn as a badge of honor by some. But it may be tripping you up…

A Stanford University study found multitaskers make more mistakes than those who tackle one thing at a time. Also, they can lose the ability to distinguish important information from unimportant information.

The Campus Pantry

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It’s a disturbing sign of the times–feeding hungry students.

The University of Georgia, Michigan State University, and the University of Arkansas are opening their food pantries to feed students because they can’t afford to feed themselves. With unemployed parents unable to assist, groups of students started pantries stocked by private donations in an effort to feed fellow students.

“This is one more scary manifestation of a broader economic, social and moral problem,” states Jim Weill, president of Food Research and Action Center (an anti-hunger group in Washington).

Coping with Stress

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We usually learn coping methods (as children) from watching our parents.

That fact might be a good thing–only if our parents knew how to adequately cope with life’s stressful situations. Students are loading every minute of the day with studying, attending classes, volunteer work, internships, part-time jobs, athletics and much more. And, all too often, stress relief at college revolves around binge drinking, recreational drugs and casual sex–not exactly a healthy way to cope.

A mental health resource points out some interesting facts regarding how the average American chooses to handle stress:

Who Are You?

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There are two people struggling inside…

Not long ago, you left home–a place where someone probably provided food, shelter and a place to sleep on a daily basis. Now, you’re on your own, making a big transition. It would be an understatement to say it’s a stressful time–but also an exciting time too.

One Inspiring Professor

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Last lectures are common on many college campuses. For one professor, it literally was his last.

Chosen professors are asked to put themselves in a hypothetical situation–they are dying and must give a final lecture to students and faculty. Often, their topic revolves around the questions: what is most important to me and what legacy would I like to leave behind? These lectures may serve as inspiration to students who can learn a great deal from academic mentors reflecting on their lives.

Relocation: School or Job

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You’ve moved. Now what?

Each year, people relocate to find jobs or to go to college, only to discover being in a new location is unsettling.

Tips to help fight relocation blues:

1.) Since geography plays a role in weight gain, it’s a good idea to examine how the new location changes your routine. Maybe your old neighborhood was next to a park where you jogged every morning, but the new place has no park nearby. Time to find an alternative–one of the following–a gym or school track where you can jog. Seek out groups dedicated to jogging. This is a great way to make new contacts. Ask coworkers or classmates where they workout too.