Paying for College 101

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Get schooled on the best ways to finance your degree(s)…

Financial advisor powerhouse Suze Orman lays out an intelligent and simple plan for parents and students, keeping debt reasonable. See her tips, which I’ve condensed and added to:

1.) Students should always borrow before their parents for a college education. There are valid reasons for this, just one would be the debt is the student’s responsibility, not the parents. Parents have their own set of personal debts to contend with and retirement ahead of them. However, parents or guardians should assist students in their quest to secure loans with necessary financial paperwork, emotional support and encouragement.

Student Debt

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Most college grads are drowning in debt due to student loans.

Are you feeling the weight of paying those debts back? Here’s some good news…

Executive Director of Project on Student Debt ( states that, “if most of your loans are federal (Stafford or Perkins for example) you are in luck: there is now a sliding-scale payment option.” The 2007 Income Based Repayment, a policy designed to make repaying loans easier for grads pursuing jobs with lower salaries is available. Payments are based on your monthly income, family size, and total amount borrowed.