Is College Worth the Cost?

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With college costs skyrocketing, many students (and their parents) are asking whether it’s worth the cost.

For most people, it appears college is a good choice. I’ve seen evidence showing earnings of college grads far out pace those with only a high school diploma. Those with advanced degrees usually make more than all of the above. Projections show there will be a demand for educated workers. However, the game changer was the recession, leaving many grads out in the cold and those still in school wondering what to do upon graduation.

Is college still the answer to a bright future as it once was?

Trips Back Home

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School breaks usually mean a mass exodus takes place from college campuses.

Have you planned ahead? Here is a short list of important things to consider:

  • Discuss your expectations with your parents prior to your arrival. Hear their own expectations. Often, parents are hurt when students return and visit with friends, but don’t find time for family.
  • Deciding when, where, and with whom you’ll gather can be very helpful to all involved.
  • Don’t forget siblings in your plans. Along with parents, they can feel left out.

The Frenzied Pace Begins!

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The intensity of college life doesn’t have to ruin your health, mood or ability to sleep…

During the Day

? Boost your happiness and creativity factor with a few flowers or plants nearby, say researchers at Texas A&M. Put one on your desk or sit near plants in the library or cafeteria. Allergic? No problem, a nature scene as your screensaver, or photo on your wall, can create the same effect. You’ll also find your productivity increases. If you can, sit outside (or in a sunny window) for 15 minutes a day and catch a few rays, especially during winter months to increase vitamin D levels to elevate mood.

New Global College Marketplace

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What exactly is the “new global college marketplace”?

Basically, it is a growing trend of students who choose to attend college outside of their homeland. The number of students studying abroad is staggering–3 million–which is a 57 percent increase in just the past decade. This trend includes faculty too, who are taking advantage of opportunities at top foreign universities.

Additionally, a number of students studying abroad (in countries offering more opportunities than their homeland), stay in, or return to, those host countries. What are the pros and cons of this new global college marketplace?