So, You Want to be a Leader?

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There are several important qualities needed to be a good leader.

Do you have what it takes?

Let’s face it, we need good leaders! Whether in politics or business, it’s beneficial to all that leaders can be trusted to do their jobs well. Beyond that, employers look for candidates who demonstrate good leadership ability in the workplace.

According to research, most are “made”, meaning they have learned how to become a leader. You may have the ability to become a leader. But, what important ingredients are required? And what sets one leader apart from another–what makes a great leader?

Three Traits Keep You Employed

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In tough times, employees must go the extra mile to stay employed.

Below are three traits employers are looking for in employees…

Be Positive

The first trait employers recently mentioned was that the employee must have a positive attitude. This is conveyed in several ways;

1) The smile on your face speaks volumes. Sounds simple doesn’t it? It is, and yet you’d be surprised how often employees show up for work grumpy and can’t even muster up a simple “good morning” to coworkers. If this is you, consider getting more sleep, learn better ways to cope with stress and work out any issues you have that are keeping you from enjoying your life. A pleasant work environment is essential to worker productivity. Let that stage be set with your good attitude so it spreads to coworkers and makes work more enjoyable for all.

How to be a Winner

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You don’t have to be an Olympic athlete to be a winner.

In Dana Hudepohl’s article, Unleash Your Inner Winner, (Fitness magazine), she states “…think and act like a champion and get every damn thing you want.” Is that possible? Let’s have a look…


Charlie Sheen took the word “winning” and turned it into something quite different than what we’re discussing here. Experts on the subject say winning comes from working hard–really hard. Just ask any one of the U.S. Olympians now readying themselves for the 2012 Summer Games in London. 

Skills Needed for Success

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Listed below are basic skills and transferable skills required for most jobs.

Most college grads will have the basics, and a few of the transferable skills, if they’ve sought out opportunities. See how many of the basic skills you possess–hopefully you have all of them! But if you don’t, now is the time to acquire what you lack to make yourself marketable in your job search. The transferables are what you’ll take from one job to the next and are often associated with higher pay and responsibility.

The Importance of Volunteer Work

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Volunteer to increase your chances of being hired.

Volunteer work isn’t just something you do to look good on a resume. Thousands of people have turned their volunteer experience into a life-changing experience for themselves–and those they’ve helped. And if you’re a college student or grad, it’s a must-have on your resume to show you’ve taken the initiative to gain experience and skills.

Be Ready for Anything

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It’s a good time to evaluate career goals…

The latest economic projections are shaky given the problems in Europe, U.S. unemployment figures, and a housing market that’s barely breathing. Experts are using words like double-dip recession, inflation, stagflation–all to describe what might possibly materialize in 2012 and beyond.

Because we are in such uncertain times, getting ahead today takes more–an investment of extra work, enthusiasm, and energy.

Below are tips to help you evaluate your career goals while trying to stay one step ahead of pink slips.

Want Work? Solve a Problem!

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“I reinvent myself every day”, claims Leif Hansen, founder of Shasta’s ski patrol.

Living in a rural community, such as Shasta County in Northern California, presents added difficulties when it comes to employment. But Leif and his wife Justi, go with the flow by finding opportunities where they can in their small town economy.

Leif now does solar installations besides his ski patrol duties in the winter months. Justi enjoyed climbing mountains and was a guide when she sought out advice on how to become self-employed. Going to her local JEDI Institute for Economic Development, she discovered her skills climbing mountains and leading people through the wilderness translated well into counseling others. She began working for JEDI, helping people change careers, or to become entrepreneurs.

Occupy Critical Thinking (Part Two)

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Does the workplace allow for much Critical Thinking?

As stated in Part One of Occupy Critical Thinking, some employers have complained younger workers don’t have Critical Thinking skills necessary for their jobs. But, as many college students and recent grads know all too well, there are entry level jobs which don’t often allow for opportunities to use their Critical Thinking skills. Usually, a work day might be filled with following set rules, regulations, and procedures–in jobs some employees say “a monkey could do this!” Employees who deviate from the norm, attempting to use their Critical Thinking skills, could suffer negative consequences.

Be the Purple Squirrel

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Are you a “purple squirrel”–the candidate who possibly does not exist?

If you aren’t sure, you’ll want to read on. In U.S. News & World Report which featured the article, “How to Stand Out From the Crowd and Kick-Start Your Own Recovery”, by Liz Wolgemuth, the elusive purple squirrel was discussed.

Purple squirrels are highly specialized people, so much so, they may not exist! Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? But it’s true. Evidently, at the height of the recession, employers were seeking the impossible employee to find. Now that we are seeing a recovery of sorts taking place, non-specialized jobs are beginning to open up again. But in light of the major shift that has taken place, is the purple squirrel still being sought in a more realistic form? The short answer is, yes.

Competencies Employers Want

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Ten Basic Competencies

1.) Attitude/Optimism/Passion

2.) Building Relationships/Teamwork/Interpersonal Skills

3.) Communication (Verbal/Written)

4.) Customer Service

5.) Honesty/Ethics/Integrity

6.) Flexibility/Adaptability

7.) Independence/Self-Motivation/Initiative

8.) Problem Solving

9.) Reliability/Responsibility

10.) Time Management

There are many competencies an employer wants in an employee, the list above gives the basics. The higher up the ladder you go, the more is expected of you by your employer. Below each competency is discussed in detail.