The Biggest Job Creators

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They discovered companies less than a year old create 3 million American jobs per year.

However, The Kauffman Foundation also found older firms actually destroy jobs.

Given the above statement, we have to wonder why job seekers flock to large, more established employers, when they don’t seem to offer what smaller, younger counterparts do. But it begs another question; who are many of the people behind these young companies creating 3 million jobs per year? You may be surprised.

The Boss from Hell

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Starting your first job can be stressful enough, but what if you’ve got a boss from hell?

These bosses prove their ineptness by raging at employees, being dishonest, absent, and making unwanted advances (just to name a few).

What can an employee do to protect themselves? Here are some simple tips to assist you…

The Explosive Boss

Business consultant Kevin Ford believes that employees should stick to work issues and keep emotions to a minimum in the office. In other words, if your rage-aholic boss shouts at you, don’t shout back. Instead, maintain your professionalism and calmly deal with the situation.

Blind Ads Blinding Job Seekers

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Do you know what could cost you valuable time and money in your job search?

If you have been submitting your resume to online ads and responding to newspaper classifieds, you must read the following from an expert:

“The odds are against you…many of the newspaper ads are blind ads, meaning you can’t really tell what the job is or who the company is. Recruiters run these blind ads just to stir up prospects without having real positions available. Many companies run blind ads just to keep their reservoir of candidates. And some companies run blind ads to see if their own employees are looking for new opportunities. If you are spending more than 10% of your time using this method, you are wasting your time and energy that should be spent on more productive areas.” This quote was from 48 Days to the Work You Love, by Dan Miller (2007).