Skills Needed for Success

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Listed below are basic skills and transferable skills required for most jobs.

Most college grads will have the basics, and a few of the transferable skills, if they’ve sought out opportunities. See how many of the basic skills you possess–hopefully you have all of them! But if you don’t, now is the time to acquire what you lack to make yourself marketable in your job search. The transferables are what you’ll take from one job to the next and are often associated with higher pay and responsibility.

Occupy Critical Thinking (Part Two)

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Does the workplace allow for much Critical Thinking?

As stated in Part One of Occupy Critical Thinking, some employers have complained younger workers don’t have Critical Thinking skills necessary for their jobs. But, as many college students and recent grads know all too well, there are entry level jobs which don’t often allow for opportunities to use their Critical Thinking skills. Usually, a work day might be filled with following set rules, regulations, and procedures–in jobs some employees say “a monkey could do this!” Employees who deviate from the norm, attempting to use their Critical Thinking skills, could suffer negative consequences.

The Career Services Office

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If you haven’t visited your career services office on campus, take time long before graduation to do so.

Introduce yourself to the staff, let them know you will be stopping in frequently (weekly, if not daily in your last year) and utilize their knowledge. They can assist in all your job search (and research) needs.

Before getting your heart set on a major, you may want to discuss with the career services staff the latest information available regarding your choices. If your first choice seems to have a negative 5 to 10 year forecast, it’s best to research your second and third choices–giving you more options. Consider taking a short career quiz to help narrow down the set of possible career options.

Think Seasonal Hiring

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Retailers are gearing up to hire seasonal workers, begin preparing now.

If you plan to make money to pay for holiday travel, presents, and vacations, consider being a seasonal worker. Large retailers will be hiring for the holidays. While these jobs are temporary, and the pay is low, employees who stand out from the crowd could be hired on as permanent or considered for the next season.

Smaller retailers usually do add to their holiday workforce, but might not be hiring as many as they have in years past. Concerns about lack of consumer spending being the main reason. But don’t let this discourage you from applying, just be aware it might be a tougher way to go.

Starting a New Job?

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Here are five important tips when starting a new job…

In On Investing, (Charles Schwab) you’ll find listed these helpful ideas. My comments are in brackets:

1.) Sign up for your new employer’s 401(k) or other retirement plan–especially if you haven’t been started to save for retirement. Your are never too young to begin! Contribute at least enough to receive any employer match. [Do take the time to investigate how the plan is handled, also be sure to get full disclosure where the money is invested. Never have all of your retirement money tied up in your company's stock. Don't wait to begin saving for retirement. If you don't have any retirement offered at work, check into setting up either a Traditional or Roth IRA. Contact a broker like Charles Schwab for more information.]

Job Search Sources

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Below are important sources of information to assist in your job search.

Don’t leave any important stone unturned! Have you used all the sources below in your summer job search?

People: Current and former employees of the companies you’re targeting, public relations offices of the organization, customers or clients of the company, friends, relatives, neighbors, faculty and alumni.

Print Information: Directories, books, newspapers, magazine articles, annual reports, company newsletters, professional association directories, and the company website.

Your Dream Job

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Everyone has their idea of a “dream job”, but too often where they wind up is in a place less than ideal.

Listen To The Experts

Richard N. Bolles, author of the classic job seeking tool, “What Color Is Your Parachute?”,  wants job seekers and those presently employed, to consider the following: “Ultimately, you need to answer the questions, what, where, and how. What skills do you most love to use? Where–in what field–would you most love to use them? And how do you find such a job?”