GPA, Credit Rating & Financial Aid

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Your GPA has always been very important, but your credit rating is starting to take the lead.

Here’s some bad news: a great GPA won’t help you get your dream job any longer. Employers are running credit checks to see your credit score. If your debt is excessive and you have been delinquent with payments, chances are you might not stand a chance to be hired–even with a great GPA. It’s imperative to keep debt as low as possible and continue to pay on that debt.

Training and Retraining

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There are a few ways to pay for training and retaining, you have to know where to look.

1.) Financial Aid-if you enroll in an accredited degree college program, you may apply for aid. See the college’s financial aid personnel to determine what is available to you, then fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. This student aid provides loans up to $12,500 a year for under grads, $20,500 a year for graduate programs. Some colleges are offering free or discounted tuition to the unemployed. If you don’t possess a bachelors degree, you may get a grant. Quick training programs you see on T.V. that don’t lead to degrees don’t qualify for the above mentioned program. Caution: beware of scams aimed at students seeking financial aid. Don’t pay for a list of “guaranteed scholarships”, those are not legitimate.