Paying for College 101

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Get schooled on the best ways to finance your degree(s)…

Financial advisor powerhouse Suze Orman lays out an intelligent and simple plan for parents and students, keeping debt reasonable. See her tips, which I’ve condensed and added to:

1.) Students should always borrow before their parents for a college education. There are valid reasons for this, just one would be the debt is the student’s responsibility, not the parents. Parents have their own set of personal debts to contend with and retirement ahead of them. However, parents or guardians should assist students in their quest to secure loans with necessary financial paperwork, emotional support and encouragement.

White House Discussion: Tuition

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Today, an important meeting in Washington, D.C. regarding college affordability and productivity is taking place.

It would appear your voices have been heard–loud and clear–”enough is enough”, regarding outrageous tuition increases nationwide. A rare meeting is taking place at the White House to discuss affordability and productivity in higher education with President Obama, presidents and chancellors of 10 colleges: public universities, large state university systems and private institutions. Also in attendance: Arne Duncan, Secretary of Education, White House advisers, Jane Wellman of Delta Project on Postsecondary Costs, Productivity and Accountability and Jamie Merisotis of the Lumina Foundation.

One Trillion Dollars: U.S. Student Debt

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Who’s to blame for this? It’s a combination of several factors.

This is a complex problem facing college students, grads, dropouts and anyone who consigned for a student on a loan. But it also is a growing issue for the American people, in general, because several experts are citing it’s the next “bubble” for the U.S. And since we are wallowing in the aftermath of the last burst bubble–subprime mortgage loans–we can’t afford to have this latest bubble burst.

FinAid, a great site for college financial aid information, recently set up a clock for your viewing pleasure. Simply log on to StudentLoanDebtClock to see the current loan debt tick by, it includes federal and private student loans.

Is College Worth the Cost?

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With college costs skyrocketing, many students (and their parents) are asking whether it’s worth the cost.

For most people, it appears college is a good choice. I’ve seen evidence showing earnings of college grads far out pace those with only a high school diploma. Those with advanced degrees usually make more than all of the above. Projections show there will be a demand for educated workers. However, the game changer was the recession, leaving many grads out in the cold and those still in school wondering what to do upon graduation.

Is college still the answer to a bright future as it once was?

Student Loan Consolidation

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There’s only one type loan to consolidate–a student loan–and now is the time to do so.

One money management expert and best-selling author, Dave Ramsey, believes students would be wise to obtain all the facts before attempting to consolidate students loans. In his Q & A with American Profile, Mr. Ramsey discussed how student loans are different than other kinds of loans and credit, therefore, are good candidates for consolidation. Here are his rules if this sounds like something you want to do:

1.) You are allowed one chance for student loan consolidation, so do it when interest rates are low–right now.

A Diploma with Less Debt

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Forget that a degree from a prestigious university has more value, it’s just more expensive…

According to Laurence Kotlikoff, a Boston University economist who has studied earning and consumption patterns, in his interview with William Baldwin in Forbes magazine, he advocates we start to think differently about college degrees. First, Mr. Kotlikoff states prospective students should choose a major carefully–considering the cost of the degree and future earning power once graduated and long-term potential for employment. Dividing majors into “high payoff” and “low payoff”, he compared majors which on average produce high and low incomes, but also showed what happens when the cost of education is added into the mix–something college students and their parents may consider.

Student Loan Cancellation 911

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Even when your intentions are good, a lot can go wrong in life.

Understand how loan cancellation provisions can help you…

Federal student loans offer several loan cancellation provisions for the following reasons:

Closed School Discharge-Your college closes while you were attending, or 90 days after withdrawal.

Unpaid Refund-If you withdrew and the college owed you or the lender a refund, but never returned the funds to the lender.

False Certification Discharge-Improper certification of the ability to benefit from college or for victims of identity theft.

Death Discharge-If the borrower (parent), or student for whom the parent borrowed a Parent PLUS loan dies.

Student Loan Repayment 411

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There are three helpful sites you’ll want to bookmark regarding your student loans…

Congratulations! You’ve survived the loan application process and your education is funded. Now what? It’s imperative you take some time to organize paperwork, mark your calendar and understand a few tips from the experts.

Sites to Bookmark

The first site is Suze Orman’s, go to the home page where you’ll find “The Suze Scoop”, Repaying Student Loans, this article is dated 2/17/11. Another site, (which Ms. Orman mentions), is by college financial expert Mark Kantrowitz, Finaid. The final site is FastWeb, which has a Repaying Student Loans Quick Reference Guide that is downloadable. This reference shows “Key Student Loan Resources” on a long list with web addresses and phone numbers you’ll want to keep handy.

Smart College Financial Planning

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Is it true the costs associated with a higher education require a small fortune?

The answer: it completely depends on your plan. Now can you buck the expensive system and still obtain a great education. It’s easy, just follow this advice…

State University or Community College

If you’ve got your heart set on a private school, you can always transfer after saving yourself thousands by spending the freshman and sophomore years at your local community college or a nearby state university.

Scholarship Know-How

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Proper funding of an education with scholarships ensures you’ll reach academic goals.

But, many applicants don’t file properly, make mistakes, and don’t follow directions, all of which can exclude you from funding.

The Today Show, has a special section, “Education Nation”, on their website worth browsing. Expert Pat Koen, gives valuable tips on how to do scholarships right–the first time–see it at

You’ll find tips such as:

  • Make zero mistakes on applications
  • Follow all directions carefully
  • Don’t forget to sign where indicated
  • Understand the criteria for each scholarship–one size does not fit all