Earth Friendly Careers

Posted by Judy Anne Cavey on Feb 29, 2012 in , , | No Comments

Nearly 1.2 million new green jobs are predicted to be available in the next year.

Undecided about your major, or thinking of changing? Here are five well paying green jobs you might not have considered from Catherine Ryan’s article, “Is a Green Job Your Dream Job?”, Self magazine:

Urban Forester

Average Income: $55K

Job Description:

Plant and care for trees in parks and along city streets. More than 3,400 communities have earmarked big budgets to promote tree care, according to Arbor Day Foundation’s Tree City USA program. Having said that, a reality check of some communities: budgets have been cut–some severely–depending on the city. So it pays to do research first, to see where the budgets are still in tack.