Work Perk

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Becoming friends with your coworkers has a big impact on your well-being and theirs.

According to a study in Health Psychology, when people have a work environment where everyone gets along, they live longer than employees who work in an unsupportive one.

Researcher Arie Shirom, Ph.D. states that, “Your peers can lend a hand when you’re near the breaking point, helping you manage stress.” And of course, it’s not a one-way street. It’s important to pick up on coworkers who are having a bad day and return the favor.

Only the Winter Blues?

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A Japanese study found depressed men missing an important vitamin.

After studying 500 men and women, researchers discovered men with the highest levels of a key B vitamin, folate, were 50% less likely to have depression than those with the lowest levels. So, if you’re feeling down, try bumping up foods with folate in them and consider taking a high quality B vitamin complex with folate. Women in the study were found to be unaffected by low levels of folate, however, other studies show benefits of B vitamins to both sexes.

Get Moving Online!

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Now you can enhance your workouts…

Do you want to track your workouts, or share your exercise routines? Two sites, SparkPeople and MyFitnessPage, allow you to do both.

Four more sites make it easy to keep training and improve your practice:

YogaTailor-provides a “live” instructor at a yoga studio to learn correct alignment. The site provides a guided routine, all geared to your personal skill and time schedule.

RunningWithEric-Eric Orton’s videos show proper running technique. The site has a self-test to gauge heart rate and pace with plans for any level–beginner to marathoner.

The Frenzied Pace Begins!

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The intensity of college life doesn’t have to ruin your health, mood or ability to sleep…

During the Day

? Boost your happiness and creativity factor with a few flowers or plants nearby, say researchers at Texas A&M. Put one on your desk or sit near plants in the library or cafeteria. Allergic? No problem, a nature scene as your screensaver, or photo on your wall, can create the same effect. You’ll also find your productivity increases. If you can, sit outside (or in a sunny window) for 15 minutes a day and catch a few rays, especially during winter months to increase vitamin D levels to elevate mood.

It’s Good for You!

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Want to improve your health?

Research from CNCS shows that people who volunteer are physically and mentally healthier than people who don’t. That’s quite a statement, isn’t it? They found that volunteers who donated at least two hours per week–or 100 hours per year–had the greatest health benefits. Volunteers have less depression, heart disease and overall better physical health. Other benefits are: being happier, having higher self-esteem, and having a sense of control over their life.

Party Like a Rock Star?

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Being a rock star has advantages. But what about partying like one?

Most college students like to go out on weekends, keeping late hours. How does staying out late affect your overall health?

In the journal Sleep, they reported a new study found outgoing people who stayed out late, and skimped on sleep, performed worse on cognitive tests, compared with equally sleepy introverts. “The extra brain activity involved in socializing may be the reason for this difference”, says Tracy Rupp, Ph.D., the author of the study.