Their Favorite Interview Questions

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 HR has a few favorite interview questions, do you know what they are?

It pays to do your homework before going to an interview–know what questions might be asked.

In Readers Digest, Michelle Crouch listed the following, (my comments in italics):

1.) Will you tell me about a time you had to work with someone you did not personally like? They want to know how you amicably resolved this issue; did you openly discuss the problem with your coworker or boss, or put up a good front by finding something you could like about them?

Common Interview Questions

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Depending on the type of interview and interviewer, you could have a vast array of questions put to you.

But there are key questions which are asked in the majority of interviews that are highlighted below. In Next-Day Job Interview (Prepare Tonight and Get the Job Tomorrow), by Michael Farr and Dick Gaither, they present many questions, and sample answers, along with much more, to assist in the interview process. Listed in the book are the following questions (and more)  you must know how to answer–honestly and properly–in order to be a strong candidate.

Question #1:

Tell me a little about yourself?