Better Interviews

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Listed below are a few tips to make the interview process less intimidating and more rewarding.

  • Research-when you’re informed, your confidence will build. Find out as much as you can about the company, and people who will be interviewing you. Visit the company’s web site, study it well, get to know everything. Don’t stop there. Google the company, its key people, see what the media says about them. This is information to be used in your interview, show them you understand their industry, product, and philosophy.

“Give me your Facebook password”

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They’re asking for it, will you give it to them?

It’s been all over the internet: employers and prospective employers asking people to turn over the keys to their private lives. Facebook is fighting back, however that may not be enough protection for the majority of workers or job seekers hearing the request.

This issue strikes at the heart of what Americans perceive as their personal freedom–even in a very public forum like the internet. Let’s look at why an employer might ask to go behind the scenes of your life.

Job Hunting? Polish Your Approach

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In key areas of the U.S., and in specific industries, employers are hiring.

Solar, wind, computer-assisted manufacturing, education (math and science), health care, nonprofit and government support staff and social services, to name a few, are where job seekers should look. Now is the time to polish your search approach.

The following is a compilation of several expert’s opinions regarding what you should do for a better outcome:

Going in Overly Prepared

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Is it possible to be “overly prepared” for your interview?

Experts say, yes.

While being prepared for an interview is imperative to landing the job you want, being overly prepared can kill your chances.

What is being overly prepared? Experts say showing up with too many ideas, charts, PowerPoint presentations and the like, might give the impression you want to take over, instead of being a team member. Yes, do have prepared material, just don’t over do it. Bringing a well thought out chart or short PowerPoint presentation, (in certain industries), could impress your interviewers. The problem is when you get carried away–that turns them off quickly.

Do You Ramble in Interviews?

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“Can you write an article to teach a person not to ramble in an interview?”

-A group member asked of me on LinkedIn

I think it may be nerves. If you sit down and write out your own answers to the most commonly asked questions in interviews (see other posts here about interviews), that will help you be prepared. Be sure to practice at home with someone or go to a One Stop or Career Center for a mock interview before the actual interview occurs. Ask they point out your errors, be aware of what you are saying–think before you speak. Now, ask yourself what is happening–what are you thinking about–is it nervousness? Are you trying to fill silence? What exactly are you trying to do? Basically, you want to answer honestly of course, but give enough information without it being too much.

Don’t Bring it to the Interview!

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When you leave for your next interview, be sure to leave one thing behind…

Employers are complaining: during interviews people forget to turn off their cell phones and interesting ring tones begin to play. It won’t bode well for a candidate if Lady GaGa’s latest release begins to blast from a briefcase, handbag or suit pocket. Even if you’ve set it on “vibrate”, it will break your concentration as it flutters away. As difficult as it might be to leave it behind, please do so.

There are those who have actually answered the call in an interview! This is not advised.

Five Fatal Flaws When Interviewing

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Interviews are opportunities to “sell yourself” to make an employer want you.

Don’t limit your chances by committing these mistakes…

No Enthusiasm

If you don’t show interest in the job you’ve applied for, or the company, you will be weeded out immediately. As Dan Miller, (Life Coach and author), states: “Enthusiasm, boldness and confidence will often do more for you in an interview than another college degree.”

Possess enthusiasm, walk into the interview with a smile, firm handshake, and completely prepared. Your demeanor speaks to the interviewer that you are confident, knowledgeable, happy to be there and want the job.

What does your voice tell interviewers?

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A good first impression is essential when interviewing.

This might be one thing easily overlooked–how you sound.

What’s in your voice?

Did you know that the tempo of your voice in an interview may be a dead giveaway you are depressed?

Usually, depressed people talk slower and without inflection. What’s your tempo? Is it upbeat, moving at a normal pace? If not, it is important to change it before an interview.