Take to the Interview

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Uncertain about what you should carry to an interview?

Below are important items:

1.) Resumes-Carry extra copies. This is in case you are put before a panel of interviewers and someone hasn’t been provided a copy. It also shows you’re prepared for anything.

2.) Letters of Recommendation-Carry letters that are relevant to the job for which you are interviewing. Present them if requested, never include with an application, or cover letter and resume, unless asked. It’s a good idea to call the people who wrote the letters ahead of time, let them know you have an interview. This gives them a heads-up someone might be calling about you.

Resume Mistakes Will Cost You

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How many of these mistakes have you made on your resume?

As you know, the job market is tight, that’s why your resume must be perfect. Take a look at the suggestions below and check your resume for any of these errors:

  1. No Duties-Don’t write about your duties. Instead, show how your skills have helped you accomplish something measurable. Think of the person reading your resume–what would impress them about what you’ve done?
  2. Current Only-Stick to recent accomplishments and responsibilities. The most recent position should have the most bullet points, past jobs very few.

Job Hunting? Polish Your Approach

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In key areas of the U.S., and in specific industries, employers are hiring.

Solar, wind, computer-assisted manufacturing, education (math and science), health care, nonprofit and government support staff and social services, to name a few, are where job seekers should look. Now is the time to polish your search approach.

The following is a compilation of several expert’s opinions regarding what you should do for a better outcome:

Ready? It’s Job Hunt Season

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Most job hunters back off on their search from November through January–this is a big mistake.

Some wrongly assume employers won’t be hiring during the holidays. It’s a myth, they do hire year round. Just think, if most job seekers slow down during the holiday months, that means your chances to land a job goes up!

Be Prepared

Tonight, Halloween kicks off the beginning of several major holidays in a row from now until January. Take advantage of the opportunities they present, which are many, to network with people who could help you get hired.

What’s in Your Voice?

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A good first impression is essential when you interview.

Did you know that the tempo of your voice in an interview may be a dead giveaway you are depressed?

Usually, depressed people talk slower and without inflection. What’s your tempo? Is it upbeat, moving at a normal pace? If not, it is important to change it before an interview.

Do You Ramble in Interviews?

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“Can you write an article to teach a person not to ramble in an interview?”

-A group member asked of me on LinkedIn

I think it may be nerves. If you sit down and write out your own answers to the most commonly asked questions in interviews (see other posts here about interviews), that will help you be prepared. Be sure to practice at home with someone or go to a One Stop or Career Center for a mock interview before the actual interview occurs. Ask they point out your errors, be aware of what you are saying–think before you speak. Now, ask yourself what is happening–what are you thinking about–is it nervousness? Are you trying to fill silence? What exactly are you trying to do? Basically, you want to answer honestly of course, but give enough information without it being too much.

Botched Business Cards

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 A business card is a reflection of who you really are

I met with a very pleasant individual today and as we concluded our business, he handed me his card. At first quick glance, I noticed it had an interesting graphic and message. But, when I took a moment later to read the entire business card, I was horrified to see no less than four major spelling errors! Being an educator, I suspected he might be dyslexic and asked him a few questions–my hunch was right. I pointed out the errors, and at the same time complemented him on the creative graphic, hoping to lessen his embarrassment.

Job Search Sources

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Below are important sources of information to assist in your job search.

Don’t leave any important stone unturned! Have you used all the sources below in your summer job search?

People: Current and former employees of the companies you’re targeting, public relations offices of the organization, customers or clients of the company, friends, relatives, neighbors, faculty and alumni.

Print Information: Directories, books, newspapers, magazine articles, annual reports, company newsletters, professional association directories, and the company website.

Divine Job Search Help

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Churches are helping the victims of post-recession.

A large number of churches across the U.S. are rolling up their sleeves and setting up different job-centered help for the unemployed. Meetings usually have networking opportunities, workshops to help with everything from resume writing to your elevator pitch, and others even provide a meal.

One “mega church” in Sacramento, headed by pastor Mark Godshall, holds four day workshops and programs in an area that has a staggering unemployment rate of over 12%. Pastor Godshall believes “It’s in these moments when you don’t have work when you can grow and make changes that need to be made in your life.” Besides a job-related focus, there is also spiritual support and encouragement–for those who want it.

Online Application Black Holes

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When filling out applications, know where your information is really going.

It’s important to be careful where you post your personal information. With so many applying for jobs online, you have to wonder, “is my application going into a black hole?” Too many job scams exist, Craigslist has had its share of complaints from job seekers regarding this matter.

One site, World Privacy Forum, gives helpful information about protecting yourself. Log on to this site to find out about fake jobs, scams, resume privacy, and more.