Employers Should Resist the Urge

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According to a CareerBuilder 2009 survey, 45 percent of employers research candidates on social networks.

But, what a University of Illinois unpublished researcher, Paige Deckert, discovered should give employers cause to resist the urge to investigate potential hires and employees online.

According to Deckert’s research, two thirds of participants who saw only the resumes for three fake job applicants made a better call on who was most qualified. Those who saw the resumes and Facebook pages got the right candidate half the time.

From Temporary to Permanent

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One great way to start earning an income is by temping.

Here are some impressive statistics about temporary work:

  1. 90% of all companies use temporary workers.
  2. 40% of all temps find permanent employment.
  3. 79% of all temps work full-time.

Large, well-established temporary agencies, such as Manpower, also provide a full benefits package to their temps. Many agencies offer you flexibility too, with the choice of where and when you’ll work. But, if you have bills to pay and want to find more permanent employment, it’s wise to take what’s offered.

Job Search Discouragement

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It’s completely natural to feel discouraged, anxious and even depressed during unemployment.

Don’t allow those feelings to prevent you from moving forward, continue aiming towards your career goals.

Here are some suggestions to help you cope better:

1.) Ask what you might gain from this transition. Instead of thinking negatively, look for the positives. Unencumbered time lends plenty of opportunity to focus on what matters most to you, opening up new avenues of possibility.

2.) Keep your hope up and set goals to achieve, so you can see results, accomplishing something. Set goals weekly, and monthly, look at those goals daily to ensure you are on track.