Need Easy Money?

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If you’re one of millions of job seekers unable to find employment…

You might want to think about switching gears. Today, I read a dismal report about the U.S. economy (written by people who know what’s happening). One person, Yale economics professor Robert Shiller, a prominent housing economist and creator of S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price Index, stated the housing market might not begin any major recovery for literally decades. This is very bad news for all of us, even if we aren’t homeowners.

Best Sites for Students and Grads

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Looking for a job or internship? Check out these sites…

They provide information and links to other sites:

Reminder: while online applications make life easier, it isn’t often effective. Thousands–if not millions–of others are applying for the same positions. Spend the majority of your time networking, both online and in person. Studies show that the majority of jobs are obtained through networking, not applying online.

Where is the “American Dream”?

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The dream has turned into a nightmare for many.

Today on Twitter, one of my followers commented he wondered where our perennial “American Dream” has gone. He lamented, that with student loans, no grad can hope to own a home any longer. Unfortunately, what he’s saying is very true. The American Dream we all took for granted used to include a home of your own, a good job and two cars in the garage. But, that entire scenario has shifted in only a few short years. Who do you know still owns a home? Who is working in a good full-time job? And not many under the age of 25 can get car loans these days.

The Biggest Job Creators

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They discovered companies less than a year old create 3 million American jobs per year.

However, The Kauffman Foundation also found older firms actually destroy jobs.

Given the above statement, we have to wonder why job seekers flock to large, more established employers, when they don’t seem to offer what smaller, younger counterparts do. But it begs another question; who are many of the people behind these young companies creating 3 million jobs per year? You may be surprised.

Think Seasonal Hiring

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Retailers are gearing up to hire seasonal workers, begin preparing now.

If you plan to make money to pay for holiday travel, presents, and vacations, consider being a seasonal worker. Large retailers will be hiring for the holidays. While these jobs are temporary, and the pay is low, employees who stand out from the crowd could be hired on as permanent or considered for the next season.

Smaller retailers usually do add to their holiday workforce, but might not be hiring as many as they have in years past. Concerns about lack of consumer spending being the main reason. But don’t let this discourage you from applying, just be aware it might be a tougher way to go.

Your Dream Job

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Everyone has their idea of a “dream job”, but too often where they wind up is in a place less than ideal.

Listen To The Experts

Richard N. Bolles, author of the classic job seeking tool, “What Color Is Your Parachute?”,  wants job seekers and those presently employed, to consider the following: “Ultimately, you need to answer the questions, what, where, and how. What skills do you most love to use? Where–in what field–would you most love to use them? And how do you find such a job?”