Academic Mentor’s Expiration Date

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According to one study, professors have an “expiration date” when it comes to effective mentoring.

A Northwestern University study showed, “…when it comes to counseling, enthusiasm and commitment trump experience.” They found successful educators were great mentors in the first third of their careers, but didn’t do well in the final third. Why? The study’s author, R. Dean Malmgren believes, “They may have had too much on their plates to effectively oversee students or put themselves in their proteges’ places.” But Malmgren confirms mentoring benefits both parties.

Want to achieve your goals? Find a mentor!

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Finding a mentor while in college is more important than ever these days. With the economic downturn, the careers you may have been considering may no longer be viable options. Furthermore, it’s hard to know what you should major in and thus what careers you should pursue. With so many options out there you may be feeling stuck.