Happiness, Money and Careers

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Is it true, “money doesn’t make you happy”?

To a certain extent, the answer is yes. Here’s why…

Daniel Gilbert, professor of psychology at Harvard University (specializing in the happiness quotient), suggests people test out several careers in their lifetime. He believes it’s important to do so to keep from making decisions regarding a career solely based on money. 

What's in Your Wallet?

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These tips will save you thousands of dollars!

After reading the tips below, take a few minutes to review your spending habits, then make adjustments. By making a few changes and adapting to a better way of handling your money, you might discover more money in your wallet.

If You Rent

Renters with a month-to-month lease are in luck. Rents in most places have dropped drastically and this means savings for you. Check the classifieds and rental company ads for current rents of comparable units in your immediate area. If you have been in your unit for a year or more, you might notice as much as a few hundred dollars a month difference in current rents.