No Job Ad? No Problem!

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Employers are less likely to advertise a position for fear of being inundated with resumes.

Given that, how do you find a job? If you’ve been reading the blog for any length of time, or following me on Twitter, you know I advocate networking as the best way to land an interview. But how should you develop a network of contacts? Here are easy steps…

  1. Start with a list of people you know (relatives, friends, mentors, classmates, neighbors, coworkers, etc.), that list could be as many as 100 or more people.

Make the Most of Internships

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Interning gives you the opportunity to show your value!

Never think any internship is a dead end. Instead, think of it as an important beginning to your career. Taking that into consideration, what you do during an internship makes all the difference.

A study found 91% of employers want grads who have had one or more internships, but 50% of those employers haven’t yet taken on any new interns for the summer months. What does this mean? Those wanting internships will have stiff competition. In order to impress an employer, once you do land an internship, I’ve compiled helpful tips below.

Job Search Review

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As you move forward with your job search, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Approach the job search as if it were a job.
  • Get organized and spend at least 25 hours per week actively looking.
  • Know your skills and have a clear job objective.
  • Get many interviews, including exploratory interviews through networking.
  • Have a good answer to the employer’s question, “Why should I hire you?”
  • Follow up on all leads generated and send out thank-you notes.

Does Networking Work?

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Based on the findings, it pays to network and obtain referrals…

Their report identified how candidates find career opportunities and land a job. It analyzed the impact of income, gender and age on job search techniques. The statistics are based on over 700 candidates who landed a job from July 2009-January 2010.

Carolyn Parrott, vice president of client services for IMPACT Group, which conducted the report stated, “The report takes a look at what job search techniques are working as well as how gender, age and income play a role.” She went on to say, “We believe our data presents a realistic picture of today’s job market for educated, salaried professionals and executives.”

Job Hunting? Polish Your Approach

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In key areas of the U.S., and in specific industries, employers are hiring.

Solar, wind, computer-assisted manufacturing, education (math and science), health care, nonprofit and government support staff and social services, to name a few, are where job seekers should look. Now is the time to polish your search approach.

The following is a compilation of several expert’s opinions regarding what you should do for a better outcome:

Ready? It’s Job Hunt Season

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Most job hunters back off on their search from November through January–this is a big mistake.

Some wrongly assume employers won’t be hiring during the holidays. It’s a myth, they do hire year round. Just think, if most job seekers slow down during the holiday months, that means your chances to land a job goes up!

Be Prepared

Tonight, Halloween kicks off the beginning of several major holidays in a row from now until January. Take advantage of the opportunities they present, which are many, to network with people who could help you get hired.

Don’t Give Up!

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You’ve perfected a resume, polished interviewing skills, can rattle off a great elevator pitch…and still no job.

Time to take a moment to get inspired–go back to the basics. It can be easy to miss a few simple things that could make all the difference between unemployment and finding a job. Below are some reminders, be sure you check to see if you’ve missed anything essential in boosting your chances of landing a job.

Holiday Networking

The unemployed often stop job hunting during the holidays–big mistake–there will be great networking opportunities in the next couple of months. Each holiday party is just one more chance to meet people who could help you find the position you’ve been waiting for.

What’s in Your Handshake?

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In the American culture, a good handshake at the end of a job interview could seal the deal.

This applies to both genders, not just males–you must have a “confident” handshake. What’s a confident handshake? One that is firm (but does not hurt the other persons fingers), lingers just long enough for you to look the person in the eye, smile and release.

Different Shakes

There’s the two-handed shake, one politicians and clergy usually use to give comfort or evoke trust. The two-handed shake–placing your free hand over the other persons hand being shaken by you–is not considered appropriate for business situations. Professionals use a one-handed, right hand to right handshake.

40th for ‘Chute’

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What color is your parachute?

It’s been 40 years since Richard Bolles first authored the incredible book for job seekers, What Color Is Your Parachute?, and he’s celebrating with his 2011 edition in book stores now. If you’ve never read any of his ‘chute’ editions over the years, it might be required reading if you take a career planning course. I was first introduced to Mr. Bolles and his masterpiece in college and I highly recommend it since it has so much more than job search methods to offer college students and grads.

Job Fairs…Worth the Effort?

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If you prepare properly, job fairs can be beneficial to your job search.

There are many ways to increase your chances of being hired–the best of course is networking. But in this market, don’t leave any stone unturned. If a job fair is scheduled in your area, do take advantage of what it has to offer: an opportunity to meet employers, other job seekers, see what’s available, and practice marketing what you have to offer.

A Pro’s Tips

Bob Westerkamp, general manager of Targeted Job Fairs, gives these tips to job seekers:

  1. Preregister online to avoid long lines and research the companies listed.