Online Certificate & Degree Programs

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Below is more information regarding ways to protect yourself regarding online certificate and degree programs.

As mentioned in another post, always be sure to check the national and regional accreditation of a program through an established accrediting agency. Online degree and certificate programs must meet the same standards as other colleges. How do you find out information about an online college?

1) Universities should list their accreditation visibly on their websites. Verify what they have listed and where the physical headquarters is located.

Online Colleges

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The best online colleges possess the following:


Accredited and endorsed by the Department of Education is what legitimate colleges should include on their website and in literature. If they say licensed, or any other buzz word that essentially means nothing, you may spend time, along with your hard earned money, obtaining a piece of paper not honored by your employer.


A good online college should not charge you in a lump sum, rather per course or per credit.


Educators must have degrees from accredited universities, have teaching experience and teaching credentials (many require a Masters or PhD., are considered “professionals” in their field, and might not require a teaching credential).

Interested In Online College Options?

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Is a 9-5 job or exorbitant fees keeping you from getting a B.A. or Ph.D.?  If any of these handicaps—be it a job, fees, or a far-off campus you cannot commute to—are stopping you from taking courses, the answer may be online schooling.  To find out whether online schooling is a good course for you, you should go to  The website has a range of services and guidance about online schooling to make choosing an online school simple and hassle-free.  Its articles on the particulars of online schooling such as accreditation, pros and cons, financial aid, and the like can be a good aid for those looking to take online courses.  Furthermore, the ‘quick degree finder’ is another handy service of the site which, like it says, is a speedy tool for rooting out schools by your field of study and degree level.