Skills Needed for Success

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Listed below are basic skills and transferable skills required for most jobs.

Most college grads will have the basics, and a few of the transferable skills, if they’ve sought out opportunities. See how many of the basic skills you possess–hopefully you have all of them! But if you don’t, now is the time to acquire what you lack to make yourself marketable in your job search. The transferables are what you’ll take from one job to the next and are often associated with higher pay and responsibility.

Competencies Employers Want

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Ten Basic Competencies

1.) Attitude/Optimism/Passion

2.) Building Relationships/Teamwork/Interpersonal Skills

3.) Communication (Verbal/Written)

4.) Customer Service

5.) Honesty/Ethics/Integrity

6.) Flexibility/Adaptability

7.) Independence/Self-Motivation/Initiative

8.) Problem Solving

9.) Reliability/Responsibility

10.) Time Management

There are many competencies an employer wants in an employee, the list above gives the basics. The higher up the ladder you go, the more is expected of you by your employer. Below each competency is discussed in detail.