From Temporary to Permanent

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One great way to start earning an income is by temping.

Here are some impressive statistics about temporary work:

  1. 90% of all companies use temporary workers.
  2. 40% of all temps find permanent employment.
  3. 79% of all temps work full-time.

Large, well-established temporary agencies, such as Manpower, also provide a full benefits package to their temps. Many agencies offer you flexibility too, with the choice of where and when you’ll work. But, if you have bills to pay and want to find more permanent employment, it’s wise to take what’s offered.

Should You Freelance?

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Contract, freelance or independent work has been on the rise for years.

The economic downturn nudged it further along. Companies prefer a “non-permanent” workforce they may utilize when needed.

According to Money Magazine, “Today about 30% of the U.S. job market–roughly 42 million workers–is made up of independent contractors, part-time or temporary staffers, and the self-employed.” This number is projected to grow to nearly half the workforce within the next decade. The trend expands beyond the usual freelance professions of writers and consultants.