When You’re Laid Off

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Do these things to minimize the fallout…

Once your supervisor has handed out the pink slip, don’t waste time, take action immediately:

  1. Email coworkers, let them know where they can reach you after leaving. No need to go into detail regarding what happened. Above all, don’t trash your boss.
  2. Transfer all important contacts and documents to your personal email–make hard copies too.
  3. Move your personal information into the trash, then empty it.
  4. Once home, contact supportive friends and family. Tell them you want to talk, go out for dinner, or coffee.

Grads: Are You a “Boomerang Kid”?

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Thousands are heading home to mom and dad…

The economy is still in jeopardy and a percentage of grads are unable to find adequate employment. Without a job, they cannot afford housing. What to do? Move back to familiar territory–the family abode–therefore they “boomerang”.

They’re Back

The latest tally shows a whopping 85% are migrating back home and staying an average of 18 months. Many bored empty nesters are thrilled to have their offspring home. However, there are other parents now struggling to make ends meet–some unemployed–and not thrilled to have another mouth to feed again.

Job Loss and Three Important Needs

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At some point in life, you will be out of a job. How will you handle the transition?

A job fills important needs–besides financial–which are missed in unemployment.

More than just a way to earn an income, a job provides self-worth, deep purpose, status, achievement, recognition, room for personal growth, supportive interaction with coworkers and a sense of power. When you lose your job, you lose these important rewards of being employed. These rewards have been broken down by Ernie J. Zelinski in his book, The Joy of Not Working (21st Century Edition), into three important needs: Structure, Purpose and Sense of Community.

Basics of Unemployment

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There’s no doubt, being unemployed puts you in stressful and financially difficult situations.

Below are basic suggestions to make the transition into unemployment a little easier.

1.) Be sure to watch your self-esteem in unemployment.  A low self-esteem can lead to depression and sink a person to levels difficult to snap out of, limiting job prospects. Symptoms include: distancing from others, becoming a couch potato, eating too much, putting yourself down and being angry.

2.) Keep physically and mentally active. Exercise daily, this keeps your body healthy and endorphins active in your brain, making for a happier mood. Extra pounds can damage your physical health and also limit job prospects–weight discrimination exists.

Don't Get the Pink Slip

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It’s all about the bottom-line. In this economy, no job seems safe from the axe. But there is one way to help the odds lean in your favor.

Dollars and Cents

Tyler Cowen, a professor of Economics at George Mason University, suggests in his article, “How to Talk the Boss Out of Giving You a Pink Slip” (Money Magazine), that the employee ask for a meeting with the boss. He suggests, “In a downturn you need to speak the language that matters most: dollars and cents.”

Stuck? Time to Brainstorm!

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Are you finding yourself at a loss when it comes to your job search?

Maybe it’s time to do some brainstorming…

This is an activity you can do on your own, with friends, family, or in a supportive group forum.

On Your Own

You’ll need some paper and a pencil (no, not your computer!), a comfortable chair, and no distractions.

1) Sit back in the chair and relax. Take in some slow, deep breaths. Don’t think about what you have on your to-do list today. In fact, focus on just one thing…