Put it on Your Resume!

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You’ve spent hours volunteering, so don’t forget to utilize it.

Ann Belser, Scripps Howard, reports that Nicole Williams, author of Girl on Top and spokeswoman for LinkedIn, states job seekers should include any volunteer experience on their resume and online profiles. “The majority of people volunteer and nobody’s putting it on their resume,” Ms. Williams said. The reason? Job seekers feel it nixes the altruistic nature of their volunteer stint.

But, when you volunteer, it speaks volumes about you! Giving of your time and talents is admirable–and necessary–in this job market. Ms. Belser cites that working for a cause helps to build skill-sets and provides a new network of people who could help in your job search.

Join “Heifer U”

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One nonprofit offers students a great opportunity to feed the world…

Heifer International, an international development and humanitarian (non-government) organization, has interesting programs with college students in mind, known as “Heifer U”. These interactive programs are offered in different states across the country and provide students with hands-on activities to further understanding of various aspects of Heifer’s work. Workshops and conferences are provided featuring peers, Heifer staff and other content experts.

He’s Changing the World

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Would you like to join him?

Chris Hughes, co-founder of Facebook, has been spending his time working on a new project. In this recent quote, he gives a clue to what he’s been up to these days,“The more thoughtful people are about global issues, the stronger we’ll be as a community.” I couldn’t agree more, and found his interview with Charles Schwab’s, On Investing magazine to be an interesting read.

Job Search Discouragement

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It’s completely natural to feel discouraged, anxious and even depressed during unemployment.

Don’t allow those feelings to prevent you from moving forward, continue aiming towards your career goals.

Here are some suggestions to help you cope better:

1.) Ask what you might gain from this transition. Instead of thinking negatively, look for the positives. Unencumbered time lends plenty of opportunity to focus on what matters most to you, opening up new avenues of possibility.

2.) Keep your hope up and set goals to achieve, so you can see results, accomplishing something. Set goals weekly, and monthly, look at those goals daily to ensure you are on track.

Unemployed? Volunteer!

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Work Experience and Job Offers

Many students are discovering it’s difficult to find (or hold) a job. Those seeking employment complain, even in good times, they have no experience and employers ask for experienced applicants. What are your options right now? Volunteer!

Volunteering is one of the best ways to gain experience, fill unemployment gaps, and receive job offers while helping others at the same time. When you are exposed to various duties, it lends opportunity to hone skill-sets that will be useful when applying for a paying job.