Your Coworker is a Dog

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Millions of dogs accompany their owners to work everyday. Does yours?

Pets have been proven in several studies to lower the blood pressure of their owners who pet them. Animals are now being used in psychotherapy. Known as “therapy dogs,” they assist the owner in coping with daily stresses, anxiety or depression.

The lines between work and life are further blurred as more dog owners than ever are bringing their pets to work. What’s behind this movement? Is it good for employee morale, productivity and business?

Post-Traumatic Boss Disorder

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 You know you have it when…

  • You feel edgy at work
  • Have nightmares about being humiliated in front of coworkers
  • Dread Monday mornings
  • Experience headaches, depression, loss of focus or irritability

As you may have guessed, this isn’t a real psychological disorder, but certain employees experience these symptoms. While we all should strive for a manageable work-life balance, some workplace situations can ruin both. Here’s why and what to do about it…

Work-Life Balance

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Women, as well as men, fall victim to stress at the office…

You’re never too young to start thinking about stress and how it can damage your body. Data from the Women’s Health Study, which was sponsored by the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, found women who reported high job strain–doing demanding work with little or no decision making authority or the use of creativity and skills–increased their risk of cardiovascular disease by 40%. They also had an 88% increase in heart attacks.

How should women (and men) manage stress, since there’s no escaping it?

What’s Your Answer to the Question?

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“What Should I Do With My Life?”

In the bestselling book by Po Bronson, What Should I Do With My Life?, the author takes his readers on an interesting journey to answer the book title’s question. He does this by imbedding himself in the lives of several people across the U.S. who, in one form or another, answered the elusive question posed. Some planned for a shift, while others stumbled into a new way of being and seem happier than those who planned. No matter how they got there, the point is, they eventually got there.

Stress Level Styles

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Whether you’re a job seeker, underemployed, or employed full-time–your stress level may need a little TLC.

Excerpted from Self magazine’s “Get Happier Guide”, here are their tips to assist in lowering your stress levels. First, answer the question posed below, choosing from either A, B, C, or D. Then, read the corresponding explanation which goes with that particular letter to determine your “typical” response to a tense situation. (Complete test not shown)

Your boss sends you a cryptic e-mail saying she wants to meet at the end of the day. You…

“Phi Beta Slackers”

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A term to describe those who hop between several jobs, grad schools and fellowships.

They might appear to have their act together, but in actuality, they haven’t got a clue, according to Po Bronson’s bestseller, What Should I Do With My Life?, where he coins the phrase “Phi Beta Slackers”. The author states, “And while slackers are not lazy by nature–they actually want to work, just not at the wrong thing or for the wrong reason–Phi Beta Slackers have a great gift for the world, if they can figure out what it is, or defuse whatever is holding them back.”

What Would You Say?

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If you were asked to work weekends, a lot of overtime, relocate, and a host of other requests, what would you say?

In Can You Work This Weekend? by Suzy Welch, (O Magazine), she takes readers on an interesting ride though her world of successful friends (acting as lab rats of sorts) to discover the magic answer to the question posed.

Recapture Your Creativity

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Researchers at North Dakota State University encourage us to start “kidding” around…

Are you burned out from pushing yourself hard during the school year? Feel as if your creativity has dried up? Then it’s time for a break–and you don’t have to fly to Cabo! Researcher Michael Robinson suggests doing the following…

1.) His first suggestion is to think of yourself in a more lighthearted way, maybe by enjoying your personal quirks.

2.) As people age, they begin to think more narrowly about the range of possibilities available. By doing more spontaneous things everyday, you’ll present yourself with more possibilities.

Do You Want to be Happy?

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Harvard Business School professor Clayton M. Christensen delivered a lecture which had students talking.

He took what he knew best–business tools–and showed students how to create a happy life with five management strategies.

On the last day of class, he asks students to answer three important questions. Take a moment to answer them, (listed below). Then read the five management strategies and answer my short questions under each of those.