On the Road Less Traveled

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How he lives his life is unconventional and he loves it…

Not following anyone elses’ path, Chris Guillebeau is an independent thinker who decided to find his own way in life. His mission is to visit every country in the world by his 35th birthday (so far, he’s been to 100). However, his mission goes beyond just being a wanderer in foreign lands, who doesn’t work for anyone–he does work abroad too–making a decent living. Chris has been a coffee importer, a search engine optimizer, and volunteer for a medical charity in West Africa.

Want Work? Solve a Problem!

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“I reinvent myself every day”, claims Leif Hansen, founder of Shasta’s ski patrol.

Living in a rural community, such as Shasta County in Northern California, presents added difficulties when it comes to employment. But Leif and his wife Justi, go with the flow by finding opportunities where they can in their small town economy.

Leif now does solar installations besides his ski patrol duties in the winter months. Justi enjoyed climbing mountains and was a guide when she sought out advice on how to become self-employed. Going to her local JEDI Institute for Economic Development, she discovered her skills climbing mountains and leading people through the wilderness translated well into counseling others. She began working for JEDI, helping people change careers, or to become entrepreneurs.