Questions at a glance

How does it work?
Please jump over to our How It Works page to find out.

Who can become a mentor?
We welcome professionals and retirees to apply to serve as mentors.

Where and how does the actual mentoring take place?
Mentorships take place wherever you are! Whether you choose to work over our online messaging platform, over-the-phone, or meet locally, you and your mentor/mentee mutually decide how and where you will conduct your mentorship. By default it is through our online messaging platform, where users will receive the full benefit of our program offerings.

What kind of topics can I receive/provide mentoring on?
You can receive or offer mentoring on all kinds of topics including:

  • Major/career/industry advice
  • Grad school application process
  • Financing your education
  • Interview advice/practice
  • Time management/study skills
  • Transferring

As a mentee, can I have more than one mentor?
Yes, we encourage you to have more than one mentor! Recent studies have shown the advantages of multiple mentors concurrently. After you contact your first mentor, we invite you to reach out to additional mentors.

As a mentor, can I have more than one mentee?
Yes. You can mentor as many mentees as you’d like (provided that you have the bandwidth to make a meaningful mentorship out of each one).

What’s the level of time commitment required?
We empower mentees to choose whether they’re looking for a short-term or long-term mentorship. The expected commitment is 30-60 minutes per week. Mentors review the mentee’s request, and can evaluate whether the commitment is suitable for them as a mentor. We want both mentors and mentees to decide how much help they want/can offer and to only commit to that level.

What kind of help do you provide during the mentorship?
We provide on-going program support through suggestions to establish and further the mentorship, requesting feedback through surveys, and periodic check-ins.

Can I volunteer for the organization?
You bet! Visit our Volunteer opportunities page to join the StudentMentor.org team.

Any other questions? Email info [at] studentmentor [dot] org.