Benefits of Mentorship


Our mentees can receive advice on topics ranging from academic advice to career advice. Furthermore, many mentorships turn into friendships that can last a lifetime and have countless benefits.

Here is the full list of topics mentees can receive advice on:

  • General career/industry/major advice
  • Grad school application process
  • Financing your education
  • Interview advice/practice
  • Time management/study skills
  • Transferring


  • Enhances confidence and offers challenges to set higher goals, take risks and achieve at higher levels.
  • Individual recognition and encouragement.
  • Psychosocial support.
  • Advice on balancing range of academic and professional responsibilities.
  • Provides role modeling for professional leadership and facilitates the development of increased competencies and stronger interpersonal skills.
  • Access to a support system during critical stages of your academic and career development.
  • An insider’s perspective on navigating your career.
  • Exposure to diverse perspectives and experiences.
  • Direct access to powerful resources within your major or profession.
  • The foundation of a lasting professional and personal network.


Mentoring can benefit you as much or more than it benefits your mentee. Mentoring is a two-way street where both participants give and take, learn and grow; and enhance their professional skills. allows these individuals to use their knowledge, experience, and creativity to help college students all while giving them the flexibility to choose whether they want to have virtual or in-person mentorships.


  • Support and foster the next generation, leaving their legacy.
  • Contributes to the mentor’s own personal and professional growth.
  • Ignite a spark.
  • Exposure to the emerging talent pool.
  • Professional distinction as someone who can serve as an example and role model for others.
  • Enhancement of coaching, leadership, management, and recruiting skills.
  • A lasting career network.
  • Provides intrinsic satisfaction by helping an emerging professional develop to his/her potential.