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Welcome to's press kit. Within this page, you will learn how is improving college completion and creating a more vibrant and successful 21st century workforce and community.

In this press kit you will find:

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Just the facts

  • launched in 2010 and is the first-ever national college student mentoring program.
  • is free to use.
  • is leveraging technology to improve college completion and student career readiness.
  • Mentorships can be short-term or long-term.
  • Students and their mentors can meet when and where they want either online, by phone or in person.
  • Students can choose to have more than one mentor just as mentors can choose to take on more than one mentee.
  • Professionals from all industries and at all stages of their career can choose to become a mentor.

As of May 2012:
Students from 1,000+ colleges and universities are in the program.
10,000+ participants and counting!
Mentors have a total of 30,000+ years of experience.

Past Press

Press Releases Partners with The White House Founders Invited to The White House Named as Seed Grant Winner by
Students Report Positive Experiences Using to Connect with Professionals
New nationwide student mentoring program launches

Team Bios

Founders Ash Jafari and Stephanie Bravo are available to speak on the following topics:

Higher education topics: i.e. increasing college completion
Benefits of mentorship to young adults
General career and job search advice
A wide variety of millenial topics
All aspects of mentoring and mentoring programs Contact Information

media [at] studentmentor [dot] org

Frequently Asked Questions