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Sherry Fleckenstein

Accounting is a great career path as it opens the door to many different companies. AP is a necessary function of all businesses so if working with numbers in that capacity bores you than perhaps working at a higher level in the industry might make you happy. I don't know what college you are currently at, but all that I have seen have a career center where you can answer a series of questions that will show (based on your answers) what your strong personality traits are and what you would excel at. This might be a good option in addition or taking some time to speak with your Academic Adviser. If you decide to remain in the accounting field than all you need is a Bachelors degree and to sit for the test that certifies you as an Accountant. As for the experience, you should be able to intern at an accounting position while in your Bachelors especially since you already have a Bachelors in Economics. I think a MBA would be a next step that would provide you with a really good position in accounting and shore up your future in this field. As I'm sure you know, you have to work hard and obtain good grades to be successful.

Answered 1 year ago

Sherry Fleckenstein